Pillow Talk

I just can’t get over this music video! It’s too freaking fun! The animation and video are great and it’s super hilarious.


Wind and Fatigue

It’s been very windy lately. Right now I am extremely tired. The wind kept me wake until 2 a.m. last night. Right now Oswin and I are the only ones awake. I think that’s why I love my cat Oswin so much, he always there for me. I love turning around and seeing those big yellow-green eyes looking up at me as if to say, “What? Was I not suppose to follow you?

The new Venture Brothers episode came out last night too. I am sad that it left so many questions unanswered. I am really excited for this season to continue on and to see what happens to the Ventures. The “super hero” group is hilarious, The Crusaders Action League. The Captain America version guy wears high heels! I thought he was a woman at first! And The Fallen Archer! Who shoots feet! And feet that come back to you even! (I have to admit that is pretty smart…) Hilarious! Very happy to see Brock back with the Ventures. I do hate Hanks Bieber look though…Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is walking a very thin line though. She’s trying so hard to keep everything going. She’s just become 1 of 6 (or maybe 7) counsel of 13 member and now she may have to go far beyond what she is expecting to do her job. Still got to love 21 and The Monarch though. And The Sea Captain is back on tranquilizer darts. I have a feeling Phantom Limb is going to go bad or try to take over.

Sorry I am re-watching the episode and I am a little rambley. I think I need to follow Oswin’s lead and go to bed. But here’s one of my favorite scenes.


So after looking at my views that past week or so I’ve noticed I haven’t been posting a lot lately. I don’t blame my low views on people not looking at my blog, but I blame myself for not posting or rather posting something interesting. Apologizes but when I have days off I usually don’t write, for some reason (I am not really sure why…). But I suppose the main reason is I am not getting really inspired right now. I don’t like to write about really big things like things in the news, (If someone wanted info on that kind of stuff why would they be reading my blog?) I like to write about stuff that people can relate to and not get stressed out about.

Now the question is what should I write about? TV shows? My cats (And sorry if I do write/post a lot about them…I am a crazy cat lady apparently…)? Music? I like that idea. I’ll just brush it off with some music. But seriously someone give me a topic!

Finally! A Musical Seriousness

So YouTube is finally working for me again. I don’t know what the problem was. Apparently I have to Google the song I want and then go to YouTube via the Google search. But I digress.

In our adventures of music my boyfriend and I have listened to a lot of different music, and yet there are only two bands that we can compare from different decades and even slightly different genres that can be considered greats in our eyes. One is a band that most people know of and have at least one song that comes to mind all the time. The other is a young band that are up and comers, but still are quite amazing in my eyes. The band I speak of are Queen and Twenty One Pilots.

If you are an up to date reader of my blog you know I love Twenty One Pilots. They are my favorite band right now. The reason I love them so much is because of how much passion they put into their songs.

Queen is much the same. I don’t know if Queen is an inspiration for Twenty One Pilots but they show just as much passion in their songs. Very sad that Freddie Mercury died. He had so much passion in his voice. Amazing.

Personally I really thing Twenty One Pilots could be the new Queen if they got enough of a following. If you’ve never heard of them do give them a listen.