Pillow Talk

I just can’t get over this music video! It’s too freaking fun! The animation and video are great and it’s super hilarious.


The Dentist

I am terrified of dentists. Yep I am one of those kind of people. Yesterday was my day off and I had a dentist appointment. But everything went good and now my teeth are all nice and clean. I am happy I went but god do I hate the dentist!

The rest of my day off wasn’t bad either. My boyfriend Randall went to the dentist with me and was prepared to hold my hand if needed. I am really lucky to have such a great boyfriend. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy or in live with someone.

Life is great and that’s all that matters!


So today was interesting…interesting to say the least. Right now I am sitting on my bed watching the super funny anime show One-Punch Man (don’t judge, it’s actually pretty awesome) eating the slow cooker chicken tacos I started this morning, which are amazing by the way! Here’s the recipe! Chicken Tacos! And a picture, that isn’t mine….


Chicken tacos!

But the really interesting part is that today on my way home for lunch I was in a car accident. First one ever for me. Pretty scary. My car is totaled. My trunk is now in the back seat. But I am okay! Kinda sore. And car-less now…Pretty sad about that. I mean even though I complained a bit about how old my car was it was still pretty great. I’ve been driving that old Camry since I was 16! Poor thing…

But anyway! The good news. I am not hurt in anyway. I only have 2 little scratches from my seat belt on my arm. And a little whip lash…The accident wasn’t my fault. I was actually stopped at a stop light on my way home for lunch and was rear ended. Or rather rear slammed. My dad’s going to bring me a replacement for now tomorrow. It’s a truck which I am not super excited about, but hey at least I’ll be able to drive.

But anyway here’s some awesome One-Punch Man fight scenes!

Wind and Fatigue

It’s been very windy lately. Right now I am extremely tired. The wind kept me wake until 2 a.m. last night. Right now Oswin and I are the only ones awake. I think that’s why I love my cat Oswin so much, he always there for me. I love turning around and seeing those big yellow-green eyes looking up at me as if to say, “What? Was I not suppose to follow you?

The new Venture Brothers episode came out last night too. I am sad that it left so many questions unanswered. I am really excited for this season to continue on and to see what happens to the Ventures. The “super hero” group is hilarious, The Crusaders Action League. The Captain America version guy wears high heels! I thought he was a woman at first! And The Fallen Archer! Who shoots feet! And feet that come back to you even! (I have to admit that is pretty smart…) Hilarious! Very happy to see Brock back with the Ventures. I do hate Hanks Bieber look though…Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is walking a very thin line though. She’s trying so hard to keep everything going. She’s just become 1 of 6 (or maybe 7) counsel of 13 member and now she may have to go far beyond what she is expecting to do her job. Still got to love 21 and The Monarch though. And The Sea Captain is back on tranquilizer darts. I have a feeling Phantom Limb is going to go bad or try to take over.

Sorry I am re-watching the episode and I am a little rambley. I think I need to follow Oswin’s lead and go to bed. But here’s one of my favorite scenes.