Vacation Catch Up

So I’ve been on vacation for several days now and I find myself having to play catch up on some blog posts. Hopefully I am able to remember everything because Oswin is sitting here next to me giving me a coy look from atop my mouse pad. So first things first.

My first major topic of this post, The Venture Brothers! Spoilers Alert! Season 6 is up and running already and I haven’t posted much about it! So episode 8 is coming out tonight! So here is a quick update of things Venture. So before season 6 started there was a special called All That and Gargantua-2 where in the Venture family is invited to the grand opening of Jonas Venture Jr’s first ever public space station. It’s really cool but The Investors are also there. Long story short it turns into a big crap shoot of The Sovereign attacking the station with the aid of the Revenge Society. Sabotage and unexpected turns lead us down a path where Jonas Venture Jr. (Rusty’s “brother”) dies by some natural causes and some totally weird stuff. Oh and the compound burns down (thanks to The Monarch). So we start season 6 with J.J’s funeral. Rusty inherits his brother’s fortune and moves the family to New York to the Ventech Tower (Venture Industries) and starts firing everyone and spending money.

Meanwhile Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and the Council of 13 (which is now 6 in numbers) are trying to keep The Guild of Calamitous Intent from going totally out of control. The biggest problem are new villains to us from New York, Wide Whale, whom is Rusty’s new main Archenemy and neighbor.

Other characters from older seasons have made their way to season 6 like Brock, White and Billy. Dr. Orpheus has yet to be seen, but he has been mentioned. Lots of new characters.

But skimming past a lot of other stuff The Monarch plays a big role in this season. He has moved to his old house where his parents lived, which is in total disrepair. While construction is being done a secret passage way is discovered and it is found out that The Monarch’s father was a vigilante named The Blue Morpho (ironically another butterfly theme). Little is still known about The Blue Morpho except that he was friends with Jonas Venture Sr., Rusty’s father. Dr. Z of the Council of 13 is the most knowledgeable of the Blue Morpho, having apparently had a one night stand with the Blue Morpho whom was disguised as a woman! But the twist is that so far nothing is known if the Blue Morpho somehow faked the sex scene or if he had the “equipment” so to say.

Okay, so now my theory on the Blue Morpho. It is known from last season that Rusty and The Monarch knew each other as small children. The Monarch found a photo of them together at the compound. Video has now been found in The Blue Morpho’s lair where The Blue Morpho admits to being a “bad guy” with Jonas Venture Sr. in the room. It gets all sorts of creepy after that in the video, but Jonas Sr. says he loves The Blue Morpho for that reason. Dr. Z also says that the Blue Morpho was who Dr. Venture Sr. called upon for dirty work that needed to be done. But there was also a price on his head from The Guild. And it was paid in the 70’s when The Monarch’s parents died. My theory is that Dr. Venture Sr. is Rusty’s father and The Blue Morpho played the role as mother. Then later on The Blue Morpho had The Monarch with a woman. I also think Dr. Venture Sr. is the one who had The Blue Morpho killed. Hopefully someone somewhere followed that sporadic┬ámess of typing. Please do comment if you have theories for The Venture Brothers or questions. I am expecting questions really…But as always comment are welcome and so are shares or likes.


Wind and Fatigue

It’s been very windy lately. Right now I am extremely tired. The wind kept me wake until 2 a.m. last night. Right now Oswin and I are the only ones awake. I think that’s why I love my cat Oswin so much, he always there for me. I love turning around and seeing those big yellow-green eyes looking up at me as if to say, “What? Was I not suppose to follow you?

The new Venture Brothers episode came out last night too. I am sad that it left so many questions unanswered. I am really excited for this season to continue on and to see what happens to the Ventures. The “super hero” group is hilarious, The Crusaders Action League. The Captain America version guy wears high heels! I thought he was a woman at first! And The Fallen Archer! Who shoots feet! And feet that come back to you even! (I have to admit that is pretty smart…) Hilarious! Very happy to see Brock back with the Ventures. I do hate Hanks Bieber look though…Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is walking a very thin line though. She’s trying so hard to keep everything going. She’s just become 1 of 6 (or maybe 7) counsel of 13 member and now she may have to go far beyond what she is expecting to do her job. Still got to love 21 and The Monarch though. And The Sea Captain is back on tranquilizer darts. I have a feeling Phantom Limb is going to go bad or try to take over.

Sorry I am re-watching the episode and I am a little rambley. I think I need to follow Oswin’s lead and go to bed. But here’s one of my favorite scenes.


I wasn’t really sure what to call this post. I am gonna try and make it interesting. I’ve noticed that some of my top viewed posts are about The Venture Brothers, which makes me very happy because I love The Venture Brothers. But sadly I don’t have any new updates about when the new season will come out. I do have a funny quote though!
“World domination? Please. What kind of fool do you take me for? I’ll leave that to the Republicans and the religious nuts.” -The Monarch
I was thinking about that one whilst talking politics at work.
So nothing really exciting happening for me right now. I am doing laundry. I’ve been thinking a lot about my ex. You know the one who pretended to be gay to move out of his parents house, at age 30…real winner there. I am so glad I am with my boyfriend now! Less drama! Better life too…Maybe someday I’ll tell the whole story. (Wink.)

Life Lessons From The Venture Brothers

So I am a huge Venture Brothers fan. Of the people I know I probably know the most about The Venture Brothers show. But something people don’t notice about the show is there are actually moments of good advice. Just like the following video will show.

I think Dean has it about right. Yes if you’re crush isn’t into you and they are happy with someone else then sure everyone will tell you be happy if they are happy. Well that’s pretty difficult to do. As shown by Brock…

More to come as I think of them. And in theme: Go Team Venture!

Going Pro?

Since I was in like 8th grade I’ve wanted to be a writer. Maybe an author, maybe a journalist. I don’t know. I’ve been trying to write a story for a few years, but I always lose my inspiration. So of course I start writing something else. And lose inspiration for that. But journalism, I’ve always like the thought of that. Unfortunately since I live in the middle of scenic nowhere, there aren’t any real news to write about here. So maybe something like writing about Tv shows (I am a huge nerd and I watch a ton of Tv, my boyfriend hates it) or pop culture or relationships or I don’t know. Something that a person could write about with some passion (I say Tv shows, because I watch a lot of obscure or random shows like The Venture Bros, Archer, Bob’s Burgers and Spongebob even).

I could even get into writing about music. That would be fun actually. My boyfriend shows me a lot of random unknown artists that I’ve never even heard of. Frequent viewers know that I usually talk about music a lot, like Watsky, Atmosphere, Mac Lethal, and Twenty One Pilots. Speaking of I need some music on here…

I really like this song by Watsky. I am pretty sure it’s the first song I heard by him. Really feeling it today. But anyway I need to get ready for work. But anyway, freelance blogging or journalism would be really cool.

Waiting While Buzzed

I am sitting here in front of my laptop waiting for my boyfriend to pass out, playing music off of YouTube for him. I really don’t know why I haven’t enjoyed listening to music a lot lately. I guess I reserve music for when I am trying to be inspired and write. But other than that I like to watch my same old TV shows; like Futurama, The Venture Brothers, Ugly Americans and Archer. I never get bored of them.

But that being said I really love listening to Watsky. It’s what I have on now. I guess you could say I really relate to Watsky. He doesn’t seem like he’s been to a lot of extremes like other people (people like my boyfriend or my ex), like being homeless or addicted to drugs that were actually very harmful to you (meth, coke,┬áheroin, blah blah blah….) He seems pretty structured, if that makes sense in my drunken state.

Right now I am drinking some cheap Vodka with some Dr. Pepper. One of my favorites. Maybe if I drink enough I’ll sleep some tonight. Lately since I’ve been so stressed about maybe having breast cancer I haven’t been sleeping a lot. It’s pretty scary. I mean what would you do if you hadn’t really been legitimately planning for something like this for your life (my entire plan was to never take chemo therapy or radiation but just get my medical marijuana (kind of amazed I spelled that right the first time…) card and just be stoned as shit until my untimely or timely death, depending on how old I was when my cancer would be discovered.)? I mean I am 23 and I could have a life threatening disease. There’s so much I could do with my life if it isn’t cancer. I could go on to finish college, get my masters in Psychology against my father’s complaints, live in Oregon with my current boyfriend, maybe get married, have a kid or two (which has always been a big maybe in my life, if not more of a definite no….[I’ve never wanted kids really…]). What if it is cancer and I am too far too late to do anything about it and I am dead within a year or less?

Well my plans are travel as much as I can and before it can advance to far to just pain and awfulness go skydiving and never pull that damn cord. Just flip over on my back and stare at the sky and let that be the last thing I see, it would be awesome to go at night to be able to see all the beautiful stars. Maybe before that I would try to actually write a book and finish it. I’ve tried before, but I never fucking finish. I get like maybe 30 typed pages and get stuck. But I would try. I would. Just for my old roommate Shyanne. She really wanted me to finish one that was zombie related. Or I could go out The Fountain style where I tell the person closest to me and the story to finish it. Maybe I’ll watch that tonight. It’s a beautiful movie and story and I encourage anyone will a soul to watch it.

But back to my somewhat original point…I have been terrified I maybe pregnant. I am fairly certain I am not right now though. But if my inevitable end could be nearing what if I were? Honestly I’ve never really considered even having children until I’ve been with my current boyfriend, Randall. He’s sweet, loving and just amazing. Compared to some of my exes I am lucky to have him. Maybe it’s the alcohol talking but I love him and I wouldn’t mind having a child with him. I would hope to have a little girl with him and name her Rori, with an I at the end for my mom, Lori. God this is getting too emotional for me.

Things like this scary the living shit out of me. Truly. So I am going to stop now, once I find a cool picture to put into this post. I don’t even know what yet. Yes I Google my pictures! Don’t judge me! I know other bloggers do it too!