Suicide Squad

I just got back from the theater and I just got to say, HOLY FREAKING BALLS! This movie was AWESOME! I loved it so much. Did not disappoint at all. Way awesome!

Okay, so now for the parts that could spoil for some. So SPOILERS!




Okay. I loved how in the end you see how everyone is back in prison and somethings have changed. Dead Shot gets to see his daughter, Killer Crock has a TV and Harley has her espresso machine, oh and Captain Boomerang is now in prison with them (can’t forget that!). I especially love how you find out the Joker isn’t dead. That would have ruined the entire movie for me!

Now down to the acting and characters. I loved Jared Leto as the Joker, duh. The one that surprised me was Will Smith as Dead Shot. That was an awesome performance! I really felt for Dead Shot because Smith made it so real. Margot Robbie AWESOME as Harley Quinn. Her Jersey accent slips here and there but I think it was appropriate. I liked the El Diablo character also, very sad that he sacrificed himself. Katana was super bad ass. I am still having mixed feelings about Flag. Waller was spot on! Dear lord I even hated/respected the woman. Holy crap she’s scary. You’re never really sure what she’s capable of. I wasn’t surprised that Slipknot was killed, shocking. Seeing how I hadn’t heard of him. But it was the only predictable part of the movie, which sucks but still not bad for only one part. Enchantress was very interesting. I had heard of her before but not her brother. To be totally honest I wasn’t sure who was going to be the “bad guy” in this movie. I have been excited for it since I found out about it and I tried very hard to not have any clues to how it would go. Over all though, super AWESOME! I am definitely buying this one.

I loved the back story little changeovers. Those flashback parts were great. I particularly enjoyed the Joker/Harley Quinn parts, but that’s predictable for me. Dead Shot’s flashbacks were great also. Also El Diablo’s story is so heart wrenching, but he is such a great character. I wasn’t sure if I would like him in the beginning, but once Dead Shot makes him open up (use his powers) he reveals that yes, he was a bad guy but he doesn’t want to be anymore. The same goes for Dead Shot. “I don’t want my daughter to think I am a piece of shit.” (That may not be the direct quote…sorry I was too enthralled.)

I am really hoping for a second Suicide Squad, they definitely left it open for one or at least a Joker enthused spin off. But I also went into this movie having not seen Batman Vs. Superman. I am a little against that movie, though now having seen Suicide Squad I am a little curious of what happened. They do reference it in Suicide Squad and now I am a little confused, but I am still considering if I care enough to see it. (I am still very against Affleck being Batman. He played the part well in Suicide Squad, but I am just not ready for that…)

So in the end I loved it! Very awesome and I hope there’s another one!


Archer Super Mind Twist

Sounds like a drink name right? I can’t believe the last Archer episode. Huge twist and cliffhanger! So if you haven’t seen the last episode if season 7, Deadly Velvet Part 2, this post has some huge spoilers!

So a quick recap. This whole season has been a little odd. I’ve loved it just the same however. We begin out with the cops at a mansion and a body in the pool. We find out that it’s Archer. Then we start again with Archer and the team in Los Angeles where they are starting a private investigators agency. Cyril is actually the “boss”, sort of. They’re first job is getting a stolen data disc for the famous actress Veronica Dean, a mysterious woman dressed with large sunglasses, gloves and a large hat and scarf to hide her identity. Only to find out the disc they stole back for her was actually them stealing it from her. Now they have been hired by the really Veronica Dean to steal it back. Some bikers were involved and we see the kick ass side of Archer and the biker version of Ray.

A.J. is still with the team too. We actually see her in the third episode of this season and she’s two now. Lana is trying to get her into a very exclusive pre-preschool. We actually learn a bit about Archer’s past in this episode. One of the member’s of the board for the school is a person from Archer’s past, Ivy. In exchange for a spot in the preschool Archer is hired by Ivy to kill another person from Archer’s past, Whitney. Ivy and Whitney used to bully Archer at his prep school. Any way somehow Whitney and Ivy are involved with the data disc.

We also see Barry again. As you’ll recall Archer and Pam last fought Barry last season when they went to Pam’s hometown for her sister’s wedding. He was burned so now he only looks like a robotic terminator skeleton. Why we see him in this season is he wants to find his real mother but has no way to find her because she gave him up for adoption. In order for Archer to help him Barry has kidnapped Malory and hidden her in an underground bunker with limited oxygen. But while Barry has the others looking for info about his mom Malory rescue her own bad ass self. We also find out Krieger is making cyborg doubles of everyone in this episode.

In the next two parter episode the agency has been hired to protect Veronica Dean and her expensive necklace at a fundraiser hosted by her ex husband, Ellis Crane. Once there robbers seal the building up trying to steal the necklace, dressed as clowns… The whole thing turns into a crap shoot when the real robbers pose as hostages that have been released and dress everyone up as clowns (those who haven’t infiltrated the robbers [Archer, Lana and Pam]). So everyone gets bean-bagged.

For their next job the agency is hired to find evidence of a couple cheating, on each other. The guys of the group are hired to get evidence of the wife cheating and the women are getting evidence of the husband’s cheating. So now it’s turned into who’s hottest. Cheryl and Pam are trying to attract the husband while Cyril and Krieger are trying to get the wife. Anyway this one’s just funny and turns into a bar fight.

Then we see Slater again. He needs helping finding a CIA threat that will become an assassin if he’s not stopped. We find out that Archer missed the day of training for water boarding. Another just funny episode.

Now we find ourselves at another two parter. Deadly Velvet. Ellis Crane has hired Lana as a consultant for the movie, Deadly Velvet, about a private eye. Veronica Dean is the lead and her lawyer has hired the agency to help find out who is sabotaging the set. Archer is playing her bodyguard but ends up sleeping with her. In the end Crane has been murdered. Part two we find the cops trying to figure out how could have killed Crane. Veronica is trying desperately to convince everyone Lana did it. As the rest of the team is going to the station to be tested for gunpowder residue Archer goes to get his cyborg and heads to Veronica’s mansion. Which leaves us where we started in the very beginning of the season, Archer face down in the pool with bullet holes in his stomach. We thought he was alive but that turned out to be the cyborg.

Fox hasn’t renewed for another season, yet. But they can’t leave it like this! Archer can’t end this way! Obviously I’ve left out a lot so you can still watch. But holy shit snacking whores! I hope they renew for season 8.

Okay, so now my theory of what could happen if there is another season.

  1. There were 2 Krieger cyborgs. Maybe there were 2 Archers too.
  2. See #1 but Krieger doesn’t tell anyone that Archer is now a cyborg.
  3. We flash forward to A.J. as an adult looking for her father’s killer.

Any other ideas from other Archer fans with theories?


Vacation Catch Up

So I’ve been on vacation for several days now and I find myself having to play catch up on some blog posts. Hopefully I am able to remember everything because Oswin is sitting here next to me giving me a coy look from atop my mouse pad. So first things first.

My first major topic of this post, The Venture Brothers! Spoilers Alert! Season 6 is up and running already and I haven’t posted much about it! So episode 8 is coming out tonight! So here is a quick update of things Venture. So before season 6 started there was a special called All That and Gargantua-2 where in the Venture family is invited to the grand opening of Jonas Venture Jr’s first ever public space station. It’s really cool but The Investors are also there. Long story short it turns into a big crap shoot of The Sovereign attacking the station with the aid of the Revenge Society. Sabotage and unexpected turns lead us down a path where Jonas Venture Jr. (Rusty’s “brother”) dies by some natural causes and some totally weird stuff. Oh and the compound burns down (thanks to The Monarch). So we start season 6 with J.J’s funeral. Rusty inherits his brother’s fortune and moves the family to New York to the Ventech Tower (Venture Industries) and starts firing everyone and spending money.

Meanwhile Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and the Council of 13 (which is now 6 in numbers) are trying to keep The Guild of Calamitous Intent from going totally out of control. The biggest problem are new villains to us from New York, Wide Whale, whom is Rusty’s new main Archenemy and neighbor.

Other characters from older seasons have made their way to season 6 like Brock, White and Billy. Dr. Orpheus has yet to be seen, but he has been mentioned. Lots of new characters.

But skimming past a lot of other stuff The Monarch plays a big role in this season. He has moved to his old house where his parents lived, which is in total disrepair. While construction is being done a secret passage way is discovered and it is found out that The Monarch’s father was a vigilante named The Blue Morpho (ironically another butterfly theme). Little is still known about The Blue Morpho except that he was friends with Jonas Venture Sr., Rusty’s father. Dr. Z of the Council of 13 is the most knowledgeable of the Blue Morpho, having apparently had a one night stand with the Blue Morpho whom was disguised as a woman! But the twist is that so far nothing is known if the Blue Morpho somehow faked the sex scene or if he had the “equipment” so to say.

Okay, so now my theory on the Blue Morpho. It is known from last season that Rusty and The Monarch knew each other as small children. The Monarch found a photo of them together at the compound. Video has now been found in The Blue Morpho’s lair where The Blue Morpho admits to being a “bad guy” with Jonas Venture Sr. in the room. It gets all sorts of creepy after that in the video, but Jonas Sr. says he loves The Blue Morpho for that reason. Dr. Z also says that the Blue Morpho was who Dr. Venture Sr. called upon for dirty work that needed to be done. But there was also a price on his head from The Guild. And it was paid in the 70’s when The Monarch’s parents died. My theory is that Dr. Venture Sr. is Rusty’s father and The Blue Morpho played the role as mother. Then later on The Blue Morpho had The Monarch with a woman. I also think Dr. Venture Sr. is the one who had The Blue Morpho killed. Hopefully someone somewhere followed that sporadicĀ mess of typing. Please do comment if you have theories for The Venture Brothers or questions. I am expecting questions really…But as always comment are welcome and so are shares or likes.

Wind and Fatigue

It’s been very windy lately. Right now I am extremely tired. The wind kept me wake until 2 a.m. last night. Right now Oswin and I are the only ones awake. I think that’s why I love my cat Oswin so much, he always there for me. I love turning around and seeing those big yellow-green eyes looking up at me as if to say, “What? Was I not suppose to follow you?

The new Venture Brothers episode came out last night too. I am sad that it left so many questions unanswered. I am really excited for this season to continue on and to see what happens to the Ventures. The “super hero” group is hilarious, The Crusaders Action League. The Captain America version guy wears high heels! I thought he was a woman at first! And The Fallen Archer! Who shoots feet! And feet that come back to you even! (I have to admit that is pretty smart…) Hilarious! Very happy to see Brock back with the Ventures. I do hate Hanks Bieber look though…Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is walking a very thin line though. She’s trying so hard to keep everything going. She’s just become 1 of 6 (or maybe 7) counsel of 13 member and now she may have to go far beyond what she is expecting to do her job. Still got to love 21 and The Monarch though. And The Sea Captain is back on tranquilizer darts. I have a feeling Phantom Limb is going to go bad or try to take over.

Sorry I am re-watching the episode and I am a little rambley. I think I need to follow Oswin’s lead and go to bed. But here’s one of my favorite scenes.

SPOILERS and Thoughts

Ok, Rick and Morty season 2 episode 10. If you haven’t seen it don’t read this. Seriously. I am going to go into depth on this episode and since it’s the season finale and we have to wait FOREVERĀ for season 3 I am going to go off on some theories for the future.


Ok. And away we go! So this last episode was really trippy, but that describes most of the show. So the episode starts with Bird Person getting married and Rick not liking that fact. Rick is obviously against marriage. But once Rick starts to let his guard down and feel happy for Bird Person the celebration turns into a battle. Tammy is an undercover and busts everyone at the reception. My biggest oh shit moment is when Bird Person gets killed. I’ve always like him as a character…

So anyway Rick and the family get away from the cops and are now on the run without a portal gun. As per usual Rick is leading the family through this craziness and Jerry is freaking out. They find a planet to call home, which is tiny. The hunt for a new planet is crazy. There’s only 3 planets that are Earth (which means dirt…) like. There’s the tiny planet, a on the cob planet and a planet that circles a screaming sun.

But at the end Rick makes a huge decision. You see that Earth is now in what is called the Galactic Federation and the family begins to discuss what is going to happen to them. Of course Jerry is for doing whatever will take the family back to their normal life on Earth. He even suggests turning Rick into the cops. Thankfully Morty, Summer and Beth are willing to do anything to keep Rick apart of their lives. Rick having overheard all of this decides to turn himself in and says that he kidnapped the family. The family is able to go back to Earth and Rick is sent to prison. The End!

In my mind this cannot be the end of Rick and Morty. I mean nothing will ever be the same again for the family! The music at the end scene is so synced into what is happening it’s just perfect! But the music is one thing that always drew me in deeper to the show.

Ok, so thoughts on what season 3 will hold for us. I have a couple of theories.

  1. The alternate Rick’s and Morty’s will save Rick from prison. Or who knows, it only be the Rick that killed some of the alternate Rick’s. If you recall from season 1 episode 10 the evil Rick was a robot being remotely controlled.
  2. Unity could make another appearance. Unity could take over the prison and release Rick. Or she could have also finally taken over the universe and become the government.
  3. The rebels who are still loose from Rick’s past could break Rick out.
  4. The family does something amazing and breaks Rick out. Obviously Morty, Summer and Beth need Rick.
  5. Rick takes over the prison some how, because he’s a bad ass.

So there’s my theories. What do you think will happen in season 3? Please post your theories, I would love to see what others think.


I wasn’t really sure what to call this post. I am gonna try and make it interesting. I’ve noticed that some of my top viewed posts are about The Venture Brothers, which makes me very happy because I love The Venture Brothers. But sadly I don’t have any new updates about when the new season will come out. I do have a funny quote though!
“World domination? Please. What kind of fool do you take me for? I’ll leave that to the Republicans and the religious nuts.” -The Monarch
I was thinking about that one whilst talking politics at work.
So nothing really exciting happening for me right now. I am doing laundry. I’ve been thinking a lot about my ex. You know the one who pretended to be gay to move out of his parents house, at age 30…real winner there. I am so glad I am with my boyfriend now! Less drama! Better life too…Maybe someday I’ll tell the whole story. (Wink.)