Very Disappointed

I am very sad to call myself a resident of the United States right now. I am highly disappointed with the people of this country; the fact that in the very beginning of this election that we knew that the choices would be between Trump and Hilary should have been our wake up call. So very and deeply saddened by these people that I call my peers.

Just this morning I was shocked that a person I called a close friend could post something so hateful on Facebook. I couldn’t believe it. She said to the effect that she couldn’t believe people voted to raise minimum wage and called us all idiots because now she would need a second job to buy food. A little background on this, I went to college with this girl. She was the sweetest, nicest person I knew there. She is now a registered nurse. I unfriended her because I don’t want to see that kind of hatred on my Facebook. But people don’t realize this doesn’t truly take effect until 2020. This girl went on to say this new law was catering to people to lazy to become educated to get a real job. I can tell you right now I would gladly go back to school and finish my educate if I had the money for it. Unfortunately my parents aren’t my personal bank. I have to work for my place.

I know nothing can really happen just yet with the results of this election. I pray that either Mr. Trump makes a statement that he was just doing a publicity stunt to show how much power he is has on this country or that when he is actually in office he realizes he can’t just write things into law (he has to get them past Congress and the Supreme Court first). But I also fear that soon this country that boasts so much freedom for all will soon become something ugly and restraining. I hope that even though he speaks much like Hitler that Mr. Trump isn’t going to try to make this country something feared and horrific.

I know for the next four or however much time it is I will be wishing Bernie had won…


A Little Political


So I just read through my news feed of top stories today and I am almost sick after reading about the Trump rallies. I am still a little shocked that this is really happening. Trump is running for president. I just can’t come to terms with that. I keep telling myself that there is no way that this tyrant of a man, whom I could see caring more about his wig than our country, could ever become president. But then I realize it could happen. I am sure people didn’t worry about Hitler in the beginning too…Yes I think it is that bad to compare our modern day election to a dictator of the past. I am not saying anyone supporting Trump is wrong, but honestly I am scared of our future if he wins.

I hope Senator Sanders wins. I do. I feel like this man could be the one to really help the people of our country. The PEOPLE. Not the corporations or the billionaires. The people. People like me who live paycheck to paycheck. The people who work the crappy jobs that no one wants to, but we do to survive.

Survival. That’s what I feel like we’re coming to. Fighting just to survive. People worry about countries invading or taking over our country but I think that if it comes to that we’ll either still be here answering to a new leader or we won’t be anymore. Simple. But I feel that something we should worry about now is the fact that there are so many people, people just like me, who are fighting to just survive in our country today. That’s not right. Plain and simple.


And if I had a choice today I would say that a lot today. I have a doctor’s appointment today for a biopsy and mammogram. I have never had anything like this done and honestly I am so nervous. I am a huge wuss when it comes to pain. If I ever get the courage to get a tattoo I have no idea how I’ll get through it…But back to my point, I am scared.

For those of you just joining us, I have a breast cancer scare going on. It runs in my family and I am pretty terrified. But to be totally honest I just don’t like going to doctors. I guess I am just scared of getting bad news. There’s a few things that could be bad news for me; breast cancer, any cancer really, blood pressure problems, diabetes and I guess a number of other just random things that I don’t know if it runs in my family.

But I mean if I do have cancer I am young, it could be a very easy fix. Or I could die in horrible pain…Potato…pa-treason. (Archer reference.)