So today was interesting…interesting to say the least. Right now I am sitting on my bed watching the super funny anime show One-Punch Man (don’t judge, it’s actually pretty awesome) eating the slow cooker chicken tacos I started this morning, which are amazing by the way! Here’s the recipe! Chicken Tacos! And a picture, that isn’t mine….


Chicken tacos!

But the really interesting part is that today on my way home for lunch I was in a car accident. First one ever for me. Pretty scary. My car is totaled. My trunk is now in the back seat. But I am okay! Kinda sore. And car-less now…Pretty sad about that. I mean even though I complained a bit about how old my car was it was still pretty great. I’ve been driving that old Camry since I was 16! Poor thing…

But anyway! The good news. I am not hurt in anyway. I only have 2 little scratches from my seat belt on my arm. And a little whip lash…The accident wasn’t my fault. I was actually stopped at a stop light on my way home for lunch and was rear ended. Or rather rear slammed. My dad’s going to bring me a replacement for now tomorrow. It’s a truck which I am not super excited about, but hey at least I’ll be able to drive.

But anyway here’s some awesome One-Punch Man fight scenes!