My Secret Favorite

Everybody knows I have two cats; Oswin and Rory. I love them both of course but for different reasons. Both of them are adorable and show love.

With Rory he gets very clingy at times but I have the love of a kitty who sees me as mama. Rory is a great cat, but once he has had enough love he’s off to find more kitty shenanigans.

Oswin is very different. Oswin is a companion kitty. Oswin loves to just sit and hang out with you. It doesn’t have to be cuddling, sometimes he’s just napping in the same room as you. Oswin knows when I’ve had a bad day too. He’ll just follow me around and nudge his head into my leg or hand until I start petting him.

The only thing is people don’t get to see a lot of Oswin’s personality. He isn’t as social as Rory. Rory loves people and being loved by everyone; I always call him a little slut. Oswin hides when people come by. He’s scared of loud noises and usually the general outdoors, but sometimes he surprises me by trying to go out through the windows. Windows that are on the second story…


A Good Weekend

My boyfriend and I had a really good weekend. We made a very spontaneous plan to go visit my mom at her house. My mom doesn’t work and have a house in the same state so any visit is kind of spontaneous. I always love going to visit. But this trip I didn’t take any pictures. So here are a bunch of cute pictures of our cats now that we’re back. Sorry some of them are kinda blurry.

Vacation End

So I only have tomorrow left of my vacation. Kind of sad really. I had a lot of fun. I left Tuesday afternoon and went to my mom’s house in McNeal. I love it there. Lots of fun in Bisbee and all week. I was there until Saturday. Unfortunately I didn’t take a lot of photos while I was there. Sadly we tried to go to the Chihuahua Mountains and the roads were closed. So a few pictures of that.


The Chihuahua’s. We didn’t get very far up unfortunately.


The Chihuahua’s



The Chihuahua’s



A panoramic going to the Chihuahua’s.


A panoramic of where we had lunch at The Chihuahua’s.


One more panoramic.


The Chihuahua’s

WP_20160316_001 (2)

The solar wind chime during the day.


The wind chime I got my mom. It’s solar and this is how much it lit up at night.


Baby Boy. He’s the last kitten of a litter my mom’s boyfriend found.


Baby Boy. He’s shy.

WP_20160317_007 (2)

He wouldn’t let me get very close.


My dad grilling and a random stray cat that comes to his house for dinner.


A puppy my dad has. She’s so cute and nameless.


“Play with me!”


So adorable.


A cool political flyer in Bisbee. It made me laugh.


Recycled art in Bisbee.


The #bisbeejohn. It’s a decorative dog watering bowl!


The Bisbee Royale. I loved the color and the fly!


My mom’s new purse.


One of my nieces. Kenzy. She was so tired!


The purse I got in Bisbee. I think Rory approves.


I caught Oswin in a big yawn. Look at those fangs!


Oswin being super cute now that I am home.

WP_20160319_010 (2)

Me! Had to get a selfie.


Kneading In Progress

My youngest cat Rory (and Oswin on occasion) does something I think is adorable and sometimes painful. He sits on me, it doesn’t matter where, and he “massages” me with his claws. It’s a sign that a cat loves you if they do it to you. It’s something a kitten does to it’s mother. A good compliment from your cat. But here’s a play by play of what happens when you try to take pictures of him while he’s doing it.
It starts out fine.

He just head-butted my camera…but that’s a sign of love too.

Tattoo Idea

I’ve been really thinking about tattoos lately. I don’t have any at the moment, but I’ve always wanted to get one. I found a design that I tweaked a little and I know this would be a tattoo I want some day.

sunflower tattoo original

This one is the original that I like but I don’t feel like it’s really me.

sunflower tattoo

This is a very rough edit of what I would want. Just different words. It’s from an Atmosphere song. I think it fits me better too.



So today was interesting…interesting to say the least. Right now I am sitting on my bed watching the super funny anime show One-Punch Man (don’t judge, it’s actually pretty awesome) eating the slow cooker chicken tacos I started this morning, which are amazing by the way! Here’s the recipe! Chicken Tacos! And a picture, that isn’t mine….


Chicken tacos!

But the really interesting part is that today on my way home for lunch I was in a car accident. First one ever for me. Pretty scary. My car is totaled. My trunk is now in the back seat. But I am okay! Kinda sore. And car-less now…Pretty sad about that. I mean even though I complained a bit about how old my car was it was still pretty great. I’ve been driving that old Camry since I was 16! Poor thing…

But anyway! The good news. I am not hurt in anyway. I only have 2 little scratches from my seat belt on my arm. And a little whip lash…The accident wasn’t my fault. I was actually stopped at a stop light on my way home for lunch and was rear ended. Or rather rear slammed. My dad’s going to bring me a replacement for now tomorrow. It’s a truck which I am not super excited about, but hey at least I’ll be able to drive.

But anyway here’s some awesome One-Punch Man fight scenes!


Tonight is the first night of me being alone. I mean not totally alone thankfully. Really glad to have the kittens here with me.

I’ve never been good at being home alone. My mind does weird things. But I guess on the bright side I have a new kick ass computer and speakers to play on. So I am sure a lot of video games and cartoons will soon begin.

Now my only worry is what I am I going to eat? I am so used to Randall cooking for me. Tonight I got a salad from Walmart, it was okay. Tomorrow I am planning on making slow cooker chicken tacos. I forgot to get tortillas tonight…I hope they turn out good. I am always super paranoid about leaving cooking items on when I am not home…Or that Oswin and Rory will knock it down or something.

I know I joke about only missing because he cooks and cleans but now I am sitting in bed and it feels huge. And yes that can be nice, but I am a cuddler…Looks like it’s going to be a big night for kitty love.