Pillow Talk

I just can’t get over this music video! It’s too freaking fun! The animation and video are great and it’s super hilarious.


The Dentist

I am terrified of dentists. Yep I am one of those kind of people. Yesterday was my day off and I had a dentist appointment. But everything went good and now my teeth are all nice and clean. I am happy I went but god do I hate the dentist!

The rest of my day off wasn’t bad either. My boyfriend Randall went to the dentist with me and was prepared to hold my hand if needed. I am really lucky to have such a great boyfriend. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy or in live with someone.

Life is great and that’s all that matters!

So Done

Today has been a challenge. I just want to slap Randall right now. He’s been drinking today because we went to his mom’s. He always drinks when we’re there. Now we’re home and all he wants to do is listen to music that is too loud and try to rap along with it. I don’t usually mind when he plays music because I have the laptop to play on but when he’s like this it’s hard to tune it out. It’s hard to not tell him I don’t give a single shit about whatever the hell his stupid song is saying.

It was also our first long drive in my stupid truck. It wasn’t fun. I actually really wish we would have just stayed home. My back hurts and I’ve been annoyed all day by people who drink heavily. It’s not much fun to hang out with people like that when you have to stay sober to drive home. Rough day to say the least…

Rick and Morty

Over my time on overnights I started watching a new show in my very little down time. Rick and Morty is awesome! I love it. It’s a cartoon from Adult Swim. It’s just like Adventure Time but for adults.
I just got done watch season 2 episode 3, I think it’s called Auto Erotic Assimilation. It’s intense! So if you’re watching this series and haven’t gotten to this episode yet SPOILER ALERT! Seriously stop reading this. That means you!

Ok. So Unity, hive mind that is really cool. And I think, if Unity willing to do such weird things with Rick she/he/it really loves/cares about him. The end is what got me. So many feels! You know Rick cares about Unity also, even if she/he/it is just something to party with and get “wrecked” with. The series has been talking a lot about Rick’s pain. I am curious what will come next. The fact that Rick tries to kill himself is just like what?! But when Unity writes him the letters it makes me wish I could have that much resolve and motivation to realize you have to leave this person you love! (Not saying that’s how I feel now! Very happy with my relationship.) I think a huge part of what makes this episode is the song they play at the end with Rick in the garage. It’s Do You Feel It by Chaos Chaos.

So if you’re someone that has read through all this even though you haven’t watched Rick and Morty, watch it! Seriously. It’s super awesome! And if you’re a fan of shows I’ve posted about before you’ll probably like this one too.

A New Spin

So last night I looked at my blog’s theme and background and I was bored of it. So I changed everything. I like this format better, maybe just because it’s new but I still think it looks a little bit more alive now. I am feeling the color scheme a little more.

I do feel a little bit like a slacker because I used to try to blog multiple times a week, but as of late it has been for of a couple of times a month. Maybe I am just distracted. I feel like I don’t really have anything to say that would be interesting. I’ve gotten a little stuck while working on a writing project of my own.

I’ve always wanted to become a writer, it didn’t matter what kind I thought when I first got the idea as a young teenager. I thought at first that a journalist would be a fun job, but then I realized I didn’t really care that much about anything going on in politics or any of it. I liked not really knowing what was happening in the world, primarily because every time I read the news or watched it on TV I’d get depressed. Now that I am a young adult that’s living on her own and trying to keep a roof over my head I read the news a lot more. The fact that I can just look at it on my smartphone whenever I please helps, but I’ve noticed that I slightly care about things now. (Plus the fact that I apparently have a better grasp on grammar than some journalists really bugs me. And not just being a grammar Nazi, but like missing words in a published article. Like forgetting “will” in the sentence of they WILL be attending…they be attending? Come on.) I don’t know if I’d ever actually be a journalist but yes the allure of it is a little tempting.

After I decided against being a journalist I turned to author. That could be way cool also. I still love the idea of being an author but then I I get to the hard parts of trying to write; will people like what I write, writer’s block and finding time to be able to just sit and write. I would truly love to become a successful author, I am not even hoping for famous, just published and making a little money from it. Maybe if I even finish the project I am working on now. No spoilers, well you know unless I don’t ever finish it…I will though! Someday…

Maybe I am just more cut out for blogging. And this is the point where everyone who ever follow my blog just laughs a little. I don’t really think my blog has a huge purpose anymore. It could be because I am trying to put my best writing into my side project, but I don’t write about one thing in general. Well except for my life, and let’s face it my life is not terrible exciting. I am a sarcastic TV nerd that works for a soulless corporation (maybe one day I’ll tell you which one) who lives with her boyfriend and 2 cats. I even verge onto crazy cat lady sometimes. Oh well at least cats are popular on the internet, occasionally.

But for now I’ll just keep typing. Maybe one day everything will click. And back to an old habit of mine, here’s some music. I’ve been really digging on Watsky lately. Maybe because he has a concert near me soon and I am bummed because even if I could afford a ticket I wouldn’t be able to get to the concert anyway…Bummer…Anyway and oldie but one of my favorites.