It’s The Same

I am so outraged by people right now. I’ve seen many posts on the internet about people being harassed by such small minded people. Just because Trump won the election does not by any means make it okay to show such hate to others. Violence and disrespect will not prove anything! Stories of people having their religious ornaments like the hijab being ripped from them and being threatened because of their faiths is unacceptable! I am not a religious person but it is the same damn thing as someone saying a Catholic person cannot ¬†wear their cross or any other religious group having any of their ornaments. (I say Catholic because it is a prevalent religious group in my area.) I cannot believe this is happening in a country that was founded on religious freedom! Acts like this go beyond a person’s freedom of speech. It’s inexcusable. I don’t care what religion you are or what sexual preference or what race you are if some harassment of this kind happens to you do not stand for it! Make it public. I know it is scary to call the police because you don’t know what reaction you will receive but I know there are others out there like myself you are sickened that this is happening to people in this country.

If you are really going to hate people because of their faith then maybe look in the mirror. Even if you are like me and have no religion you have a right to that! Same as the people being harassed and persecuted right now! Things like this have happened before and you know what happened as a result of these prejudges? Genocide and war. I am sure no one wants there to be a Civil War again. I get it, you want change and that’s understandable. But this is not the way to get it. A lot of people are scared of what they don’t understand, don’t be scared to learn from your fear. Learn about what you are scared of and realize that not every aspect of something you don’t understand is evil or threatening. In a time of knowledge being at your fingertips there is no excuse for people to remain ignorant. Do the research and live better because of it. Not every person is evil, they are just trying to survive just like everyone else.


Am I Asleep?

I know this all sounds like a scene from Fight Club (yes it’s my favorite movie and it’s also an amazing book [please read it!]) but I will have these…terrors? No that’s not the right word for it…more like conscious worries or fears that when I am awake that I am actually still asleep in bed dreaming about what I am actually doing. Like say I woke up in the morning and after being awake for a while I go use the restroom. When I sit down to pee I worry I am still asleep in bed.
I don’t know why I worry about that. But what if I am asleep? What if my life this entire time has been me dreaming? All the good and the bad and even the weird.
I realize that my been worried I am still asleep when I am using the restroom is most likely rooted from a childhood fear of wetting the bed. But why is it manifesting itself now?