My Secret Favorite

Everybody knows I have two cats; Oswin and Rory. I love them both of course but for different reasons. Both of them are adorable and show love.

With Rory he gets very clingy at times but I have the love of a kitty who sees me as mama. Rory is a great cat, but once he has had enough love he’s off to find more kitty shenanigans.

Oswin is very different. Oswin is a companion kitty. Oswin loves to just sit and hang out with you. It doesn’t have to be cuddling, sometimes he’s just napping in the same room as you. Oswin knows when I’ve had a bad day too. He’ll just follow me around and nudge his head into my leg or hand until I start petting him.

The only thing is people don’t get to see a lot of Oswin’s personality. He isn’t as social as Rory. Rory loves people and being loved by everyone; I always call him a little slut. Oswin hides when people come by. He’s scared of loud noises and usually the general outdoors, but sometimes he surprises me by trying to go out through the windows. Windows that are on the second story…


Personal Struggle

I am having a very difficult inner struggle right now. I am going to work today and the past two days have been my days off. They weren’t great to say the least.

The first day was ok until Randall and I had an argument that almost ended in us breaking up. We reconciled and things were fine after that. Until day two.

Day two my mom asked me to all her and the conversation we had was the last thing I wanted to hear. She told me she didn’t like Randall and I being together. Randall doesn’t have a job and she says our relationship isn’t healthy. She told me I had to break up with him and kick him out.

My biggest problem is that I idolize my mom. She’s the most amazing person I know and I hate to disappoint her. I will admit Randall doesn’t like her much because he says she judges him.

But here are the facts, I do love being with Randall. He helps me a lot, especially isn’t my accident. He may not have a job but he cooks and cleans and buys food. My cats love him and have come to be really great cats since he moved in. I know he cares about me. Our love life is happy and spontaneous. I never really cared that he didn’t have a job because he does so much at home. Yes we have problems but we’re happy together. So far my only idea to make everything better is I’ve told him he has to get a job. But if he doesn’t I don’t know what I’ll have to do.

I don’t want to break up.

A Good Weekend

My boyfriend and I had a really good weekend. We made a very spontaneous plan to go visit my mom at her house. My mom doesn’t work and have a house in the same state so any visit is kind of spontaneous. I always love going to visit. But this trip I didn’t┬átake any pictures. So here are a bunch of cute pictures of our cats now that we’re back. Sorry some of them are kinda blurry.


Tonight is the first night of me being alone. I mean not totally alone thankfully. Really glad to have the kittens here with me.

I’ve never been good at being home alone. My mind does weird things. But I guess on the bright side I have a new kick ass computer and speakers to play on. So I am sure a lot of video games and cartoons will soon begin.

Now my only worry is what I am I going to eat? I am so used to Randall cooking for me. Tonight I got a salad from Walmart, it was okay. Tomorrow I am planning on making slow cooker chicken tacos. I forgot to get tortillas tonight…I hope they turn out good. I am always super paranoid about leaving cooking items on when I am not home…Or that Oswin and Rory will knock it down or something.

I know I joke about only missing because he cooks and cleans but now I am sitting in bed and it feels huge. And yes that can be nice, but I am a cuddler…Looks like it’s going to be a big night for kitty love.

Ready For A Break

I am sorry I haven’t been more active lately. I’ve been so busy at work I am tired at the end of my days. But luckily since Christmas is next week it’s been slowing down.
So what is new? My boyfriend and I have started watching a new anime called One-Punch Man. I know, I know anime has a very selective fan base but this one is great! It’s about a man who is a hero for fun. It takes place in a fictional Japanese (I think anyway, that’s where the manga is from) city state. Anyway if you can get past having subtitles (that was a big struggle for me) it’s amazing and you’ll love it. Believe me if you like shows I’ve posted about before you’ll most likely enjoy this one too. Same humor.

Not a lot has happened besides this new show. Still waiting for the new seasons of Archer and The Venture Bros. Still waiting for the release date of season 3 of Rick and Morty. So here’s some cute pictures of our cats.

And a pretty sunset.

Dear Cat Lovers, I Need Advice

My poor Rory has always had bad hairballs. He’s a long hair cat so it is expected. I feel so bad though because he gets so sick from them. I am pretty sure he feels bad for puking in the first place because of the hairball but then it causes him such discomfort. Poor little guy.
I live in an apartment with no lawn or really any outside area for my cats to go outside. Rory has made the best of it though and chews on my Arabian Jasmine plant. I want to grow something that may help his poor tummy better though. I just don’t know what to grow however. Should it be plain grass? Catnip? Something else? Any suggestions?

Kitty Cuteness

Rory was extensively enjoying sunbathing today. Look at the look he gave me too! Just like, “What? Kitty can’t sunbath?!”