Food For Thought

So this is a difficult topic of discussion for most so just a warning right now: This post is highly controversial and political. And about abortion…

Okay so for starters my attention was drawn to this topic because of a post on Facebook I saw about Bill Nye and something about abortion and science. Obviously I haven’t even read it yet. But the article had something to do what pro choicer should say to pro lifers. I am a pro choicer.

But that’s not what this is about…I’ve been wondering this for a little while. I don’t understand why pro lifers feel the way they do. I understand the thought that yes another potential life is being taken. But my maybe not so true but slightly correlating thought is that most pro lifers are against welfare and government support. I know for a fact that if I, a young female who has a fulltime job and whom is trying her best to be an independent adult, were to become pregnant and I were to keep the baby I would can guarantee I would need government assistance.

To clarify I am not degrading or against families or individuals who require government assistance. I am however agreeing that the assistance money does have to come from taxes (it’s a basic fact). I am actually very pro government assistance programs. Having that available to you can make a huge difference in a life.

I also understand that not all people who have an abortion are thinking quite like myself. I know there are people who misuse their right to choose that option. I do not support abortion as a means of constant birth control.

So I suppose the real question when deciding if you should be pro choice to pro life is which do you care about more? Life or money?


It’s The Same

I am so outraged by people right now. I’ve seen many posts on the internet about people being harassed by such small minded people. Just because Trump won the election does not by any means make it okay to show such hate to others. Violence and disrespect will not prove anything! Stories of people having their religious ornaments like the hijab being ripped from them and being threatened because of their faiths is unacceptable! I am not a religious person but it is the same damn thing as someone saying a Catholic person cannot  wear their cross or any other religious group having any of their ornaments. (I say Catholic because it is a prevalent religious group in my area.) I cannot believe this is happening in a country that was founded on religious freedom! Acts like this go beyond a person’s freedom of speech. It’s inexcusable. I don’t care what religion you are or what sexual preference or what race you are if some harassment of this kind happens to you do not stand for it! Make it public. I know it is scary to call the police because you don’t know what reaction you will receive but I know there are others out there like myself you are sickened that this is happening to people in this country.

If you are really going to hate people because of their faith then maybe look in the mirror. Even if you are like me and have no religion you have a right to that! Same as the people being harassed and persecuted right now! Things like this have happened before and you know what happened as a result of these prejudges? Genocide and war. I am sure no one wants there to be a Civil War again. I get it, you want change and that’s understandable. But this is not the way to get it. A lot of people are scared of what they don’t understand, don’t be scared to learn from your fear. Learn about what you are scared of and realize that not every aspect of something you don’t understand is evil or threatening. In a time of knowledge being at your fingertips there is no excuse for people to remain ignorant. Do the research and live better because of it. Not every person is evil, they are just trying to survive just like everyone else.

Very Disappointed

I am very sad to call myself a resident of the United States right now. I am highly disappointed with the people of this country; the fact that in the very beginning of this election that we knew that the choices would be between Trump and Hilary should have been our wake up call. So very and deeply saddened by these people that I call my peers.

Just this morning I was shocked that a person I called a close friend could post something so hateful on Facebook. I couldn’t believe it. She said to the effect that she couldn’t believe people voted to raise minimum wage and called us all idiots because now she would need a second job to buy food. A little background on this, I went to college with this girl. She was the sweetest, nicest person I knew there. She is now a registered nurse. I unfriended her because I don’t want to see that kind of hatred on my Facebook. But people don’t realize this doesn’t truly take effect until 2020. This girl went on to say this new law was catering to people to lazy to become educated to get a real job. I can tell you right now I would gladly go back to school and finish my educate if I had the money for it. Unfortunately my parents aren’t my personal bank. I have to work for my place.

I know nothing can really happen just yet with the results of this election. I pray that either Mr. Trump makes a statement that he was just doing a publicity stunt to show how much power he is has on this country or that when he is actually in office he realizes he can’t just write things into law (he has to get them past Congress and the Supreme Court first). But I also fear that soon this country that boasts so much freedom for all will soon become something ugly and restraining. I hope that even though he speaks much like Hitler that Mr. Trump isn’t going to try to make this country something feared and horrific.

I know for the next four or however much time it is I will be wishing Bernie had won…

2 Cents

With the election growing ever closer I decide to take to my blog for the first time in a long time. I hope the people of this country will make the best decision they can. But I don’t know if that will happen. I know my opinion probably isn’t worth much, but I hope it may bring some insight to others who are still unsure. In the beginning I was a Bernie Sanders supporter, but that doesn’t seem to be an option now.

I feel that Trump would be a true embarrassment for this country. A sexual pervert who moonlights as a sexual predator, a man whose fortune was founded by becoming a chronic liar and scamming normal people, and a hair piece with more intelligence than he has; not even a choice for me. I think the first final straw for me was when I read in the beginning of the election that Trumps’ plan for our country’s debt was to default on it!

Hilary isn’t much better. I agree with some of her ideas, but after everything from Benghazi to the emails I don’t trust her as far as I could throw her. Yes it would be great if we had a female president, but Hilary has already been in the White House, she’s had her time.

I will be voting instead for Jill Stein since my state is not one of the few that accept Bernie write in’s. She’s second best to Bernie. Why think red or blue when green is an option?

And for most of the country I am sure issues like legalization of marijuana and raising minimum wage will be on your ballot. I know for my county it’s prop 205 and 206. Vote yes. Many people in this country could use the help of both of these issues. I know many people have hesitations on marijuana but if it is taxed and regulated there will be no need for a “black market” for underages or delinquents to use. Minimum wage should really be a no brainer, I know I am sick of working a full time job for barely livable wages.

Just For Sparky (wink)

Why is the restroom such a touchy subject? Just last night I watched the South Park episode about how Clyde killed his mom by not putting the toilet seat down. Do I personally take offense when men don’t put the seat back down? Not really. I grew up with my dad and brother never putting it back down, but if it hasn’t been cleaned and you can tell it needs to be cleaned that is where the line is drawn.
I have noticed women’s personal (at home) bathrooms are usually nicer or cleaner. With also the added bonus of the seat being down, primarily because usually these bathrooms belong to a single woman. My mom’s was beautiful and smelled amazing. The 1001 adult only joke book did also make it an enjoyable experience.
So Sparky, nothing weird in the women’s restroom today! Except perhaps a mystery substance on the floor…

Family Therapist

It truly shows how much hate can be stored over time. Or perhaps it’s just the old ways of thinking that have clouded so many people. I have a very hard time talking with my father about our family’s relationships. When I was young my parents divorced and to this day my parents don’t get along. A large part of all of it is that my father can’t realize why my mom wanted to get divorced.
As the victim in my parents eyes, I’ve talked with my parents about the divorce over the years. I have talked more with my mom which may explain why I side more with her than my father. But I can also understand and sympathize the feeling of utter despair of thinking you’re stuck and you can’t get out of a bad relationship. I’ve been there and it really blows. And the moment you see any hope if getting out you grasp as hard as you can to that life vest.
Unfortunately for my father the divorce was anything but a life vest. It was more of a life sentence for him. My dad’s explanation of why the divorce happened is because my mom went crazy/stupid and nothing was wrong. And I can also understand that, but being in a relationship that is sucking the literally life out of you can make you crazy.
For my mom I know exactly hoe hard it was for her. On one hand you could stay in a situation that makes you completely miserable or on the other hand you could leave and find your own happiness, but you would have to leave your kids behind. And even though at that young age seeing my mom leave and being told she didn’t love me was awful and the worst feeling ever I still think my mom is the most amazing and brave person I know!
I’d rather be happy alone than miserable being stuck with someone I hate. And remember if you’re going to divorce someone and you have kids talk to them about what’s going on. Making a kid think one of their parents doesn’t love them is a really fucked up move. Don’t project your own insecurities onto them. They have to go through puberty, that’s bad enough.


Okay, so I started working on this research earlier and I wasn’t able to finish reading stuff till now. I’ve actually only researched the Mountain Meadows Massacre. But even that has been enough to totally change the tone of this post. I meant for this to be a neutral post, but it may not be that way…Sorry…

So Mountain Meadows Massacre, really just awful nasty stuff. I found an article about it that seemed to be neutral with actual accounts from people who experienced it. Here’s what I thought summed it all up fairly well.

“The Massacre
By September 11, Legion officers had devised a plan for ending the stand-off.  Most of the Paiutes had left after growing weary of the siege and could play no role in the bloody conclusion.  The plan was devious, but effective.  Major John Higbee, in command of the forces at Mountain Meadows, persuaded John Lee and William Bateman to act as decoys to draw the emigrants out from the protection of their wagons.  Lee and Bateman, carrying a white flag, marched across the field to the emigrants’ camp.  The desperate emigrants agreed to the terms promised by Lee: They would give up their arms, wagons, and cattle, in return for promise that they would not be harmed as they embarked on a 35-mile hike back to Cedar City.  Samuel McMurdy, a member of the Nauvoo Legion, took the reigns of one of the wagons into which were loaded some of the youngest children.  A woman and a few seriously injured emigrant men were loaded into a second wagon.  John Lee positioned himself between the two wagons as they pulled out.  Following the two wagons, the women and the older children of the Fancher party walked behind.  After the wagons had moved on, Higbee ordered the emigrant men to begin walking in single file.  An armed Mormon “guard” escorted each emigrant man.

When the escorted men had fallen a quarter mile or so behind the women and children, who had just crested a small hill, Higbee yelled, “Halt!  Do your duty!”  Each of the Mormon men shot and killed the emigrant at his side.  Meanwhile, on the other side of the hill, Nelphi Johnson shouted the order to begin the slaughter of the women and older children.  Men rushed at the defenseless emigrants from both sides, and the killing went on amidst “hideous, demon-like yells.”   Nancy Huff, four years old at the time of the massacre, later remembered the horror: “I saw my mother shot in the forehead and fall dead.  The women and children screamed and clung together.  Some of the young women begged the assassins after they run out on us not to kill them, but they had no mercy on them, clubbing their guns and beating out their brains.” It was over in just a few minutes.  120 members of the Fancher party were dead.  The youngest children, seventeen or eighteen in all, were gathered up, to later be placed in Mormon homes.  None of the survivors was over seven years old.”

They killed everyone! Except the youngest children that were under 8 years old, who were then put, against they will mind you, into Mormon homes to be raised. That is terrifying! and not that long ago! So when someone who is Mormon is saying they’re being persecuted remind them of this!

This article also talks about polygamy and Brigham teaching blood atonement. Polygamy, as I was told when I was growing up as a Mormon teenager, was to help support the women and families of men who had been killed due to persecution. I don’t know if that’s the real reason or not. I’ve known a lot of Mormon people who have gotten married just to have sex. So not sure on that one. I do believe that Brigham Young was racist. That’s an easy bet…I mean it was the 1800’s.

All I can say at this point is the guy who posted the original post that I have been researching either knew a lot more than most Mormons or did a lot more research than I am whiling to do. My conclusion is decided for yourself. I can only go off what I have experienced, which has not been good on any level.

I welcome CIVIL discussions on this subject. Though if I do get any negative or hateful comments they will be deleted.