My Secret Favorite

Everybody knows I have two cats; Oswin and Rory. I love them both of course but for different reasons. Both of them are adorable and show love.

With Rory he gets very clingy at times but I have the love of a kitty who sees me as mama. Rory is a great cat, but once he has had enough love he’s off to find more kitty shenanigans.

Oswin is very different. Oswin is a companion kitty. Oswin loves to just sit and hang out with you. It doesn’t have to be cuddling, sometimes he’s just napping in the same room as you. Oswin knows when I’ve had a bad day too. He’ll just follow me around and nudge his head into my leg or hand until I start petting him.

The only thing is people don’t get to see a lot of Oswin’s personality. He isn’t as social as Rory. Rory loves people and being loved by everyone; I always call him a little slut. Oswin hides when people come by. He’s scared of loud noises and usually the general outdoors, but sometimes he surprises me by trying to go out through the windows. Windows that are on the second story…


Late Night Pain

Tonight I am in the middle of an intermission of sleeping. I was sleeping soundly but then I had to pee and the tv was loud I couldn’t sleep. And then while I was adjusting the volume my cat Oswin hoped onto the bed and started to crawl on me. It was cute but then he fell half way off, catching himself on my leg. So now I have 7-9 puncture claw holes on my thigh. But I also have as super cute cat cuddling with me. I am not mad at him. Especially when he showed some guilt and cuddled me. He’s a good boy.


So last night my boyfriend and I decided to buy a lottery ticket. We both know that the chances of us winning is at miracle from god status, but still what if we did win. I’ve never been one to plan on having a lot of money so last night was fun thinking about what life would be for us if we did win. We would have a huge wedding, which neither of us ever expected we would have. Probably buy a house somewhere to call home and then we would travel. I would become a travel blogger and we would be able to just have fun! But one thing I would definitely want to do would be donate like $37,000 to a go fund me for a little Chinese boy named J so he could be adopted. Go Fund Me

Cards on the Table

I wanted to work on some writing, but I don’t have anything that my focus is completely on. Maybe that’s a good thing, it allows me to work on other things if I want (or just be lazy and not write at all…). I wish some good idea that hasn’t been done would pop into my head and I could just be like, “Sweet! This hasn’t been done to death and back yet!” Sadly it’s not that easy to come up with and idea that’s super original that sounds interesting. It’s no secret that I want to be a writer, but the start up is proving to be the hardest part. I just continuously sit here saying, “I want to be a writer!” but with no idea of what I should or rather even could write about. I start to get an idea, but it’s more of a blog post that a novel. I am not a big fan of filler so my cool ideas just burn themselves out. C’est la vie. 

So I guess I left off at a bit of a cliff hanger before. So, just a quick update. I am still in a happy relationship. I hate my job. No New Year’s resolutions. My boyfriend, Randall, wants to quit smoking and he wants to start going to the gym together. At least the gym is across the parking lot away from me and is 24 hours. I may actually go.

New Year’s was kind of fun. We stayed home and played dominoes. My mom gave us a Mexican Train dominoes set for Christmas. We love playing Mexican Train so that’s pretty awesome to us. But we’ve never played here at our apartment, where the cats are…I think they want to play too.

Where’s My Refund?

I am trying really hard to stay relaxed and chill about my tax refund. But I am failing. It’s been taunting me for like 4 days now just pending in my bank account. When will it go through?! It’s not even that I’ll just blow it on something stupid or meaningless either. After I get my nice little sum of refund money I’ll finally have my stupid bills paid off and I can start saving for my own car and then my boyfriend and I can finally move out of the god forsaken state!
I want my money…

-The Rogue