A Tough Day

Today is kind of crappy. I woke up hurting a lot today. It hurt to get out of bed. It hurts sitting here in this chair writing this. It’s like all I can know for certain right now is I am going to hurt. It’s a guarantee. But hopefully when I go back to my doctor he’ll prescribe some much need pain pills. I am ready to beg.

But on that happy note I didn’t go to work today because I hurt so bad with the added bonus of not having slept good last night. Lots of tossing. So today I am hanging out trying to not just go back to bed. My chosen purpose for today is to work on my family history or genealogy as know it all’s like to correct me (it’s happened before…). Sorry I am a little sarcastic and feisty today. Maybe I’ve been watching to much M*A*S*H* lately. It’s one of my favorite shows from my childhood, which maybe answers a few questions about my sense of humor…I am definitely a Hawkeye. If you have no idea of what I am talking about please go watch the show, you won’t be disappointed. It’s old but it has a solid point.

Anyway family history! My grandfather gave me an old Windows XP computer and it has a ton of family history data on it. I’ve been slowly putting the info up on Ancestry.com. Sadly the computer is very slow and I even had to find it a WiFi adapter so I could use the internet on it. But now with our new computer available for other entertainment I can bring my laptop to the old XP and take the info to the web so much faster. No switching screens anymore. It was very slow work before. Now I am only left with knit picky stuff and I am actually running out of info to use. I really need to get more than the basic Ancestry.com membership. Right now I can look at any record matches that pop up, I have to upgrade. And I don’t want to. I know there’s the “free” trail, spoiler alert! It’s not free.

Anyway, that is what I’ve been working on. I am in the process of making a travel map of where my ancestors farthest back info starts from to where I am today. It’s slow since I have not found anything to do this yet and also I don’t know actual route of travel. I am just making where someone was born to where their descendants went. I would love to have the information of which way they went, places they went.



I just got home from work and I am sitting in my chair that my amazing boyfriend moved into our bedroom for me so I could sit and play on the computer if I wanted. It’s the best chair for me to sit in now and it reliefs a large majority of my pain. I am also stoked because my boyfriend made more of the chicken tacos I love! Good evening. And here is an adorable picture of Rory and I. I’ve been neglecting him a little in the love department since I can’t pick him up right now.

Chiropractor Visit #3 and Sunflowers

I am starting to love going to the chiropractor, especially since my accident has left me a lump of pain with shoes. I am always a little worried when my chiropractor pushes hard on my back that I am going to fart. And of course in my mind it’s not going to be a little, unnoticeable toot but something horrible that can’t be unnoticed to save my poor throbbing back. I am really amazed at some of the positions it takes to pit my back at ease again. But I always leave feeling great.
But of course then there’s my own personal massage therapist at home. My boyfriend, Randall, has been amazing during this. Rubbing me whenever I need it and then sometimes when I don’t. I’d be so much worse without him.
I’ve noticed I am so tired now. It’s like it takes nothing to zap my energy. Plus the anti-anxiety pills make me drowsy. I am just hoping for pain pills since I am popping ibuprofen down like skittles.
I got a card in the mail today from my mom, who was desperately trying to find a way to come see me after the accident. Unfortunately we have to wait for our scheduled vacation time. I realized though from that card today though the reason why I love yellow and sunflowers. The last 2 cards I’ve gotten from my mom have been cards with a sunflower on the covers. Sunflowers are happy to me. Just the ultimate symbol of happiness.

A Quick Update For My Stalker

A real quick update for the people wondering what’s been happening with me. My boyfriend is home and he’s taking care of me ( thank god too). My car is gone, may she rest in peace. I have a cool little 2015 Nissan Altima that I am driving right now, it’s a rental. My back, head, neck and lower back all hurt. I have a headache now actually. Other than my car being violently murdered I am pretty okay, except the headache. Could really go without that. Also Oswin has been very understanding and accepting of me since the accident.

Anxiety and Thanks

It’s 5 am right now and I’ve been awake for a little while. I keep thinking back to the crash and it makes me wonder if I’ll ever be able to drive calmly again. I’ve never been scared to drive and I am not sure if I am now. I don’t have a vehicle to drive now so I haven’t tried yet. Maybe having a truck to drive now will be good. I am just curious about how much anxiety I’ll have about driving and especially stop lights.
I am not noticing a lot of pain or stiffness but I’ve been in bed this whole time. I just keep waiting for it to hit me. Everyone told me I would be sore today.
One thing this accident has taught me is how good random people can be. I will always be grateful to the woman who came running to my side to help me. She had never met me and knew nothing about me, but she stayed there with me and made sure I was okay. She was a mom to me when mine couldn’t be there with me, insisting I be taken to the hospital. Thank you Ms. Bridgette. You’ve restored my hope in humanity and reaffirmed my belief that people can be naturally good.


So today was interesting…interesting to say the least. Right now I am sitting on my bed watching the super funny anime show One-Punch Man (don’t judge, it’s actually pretty awesome) eating the slow cooker chicken tacos I started this morning, which are amazing by the way! Here’s the recipe! Chicken Tacos! And a picture, that isn’t mine….


Chicken tacos!

But the really interesting part is that today on my way home for lunch I was in a car accident. First one ever for me. Pretty scary. My car is totaled. My trunk is now in the back seat. But I am okay! Kinda sore. And car-less now…Pretty sad about that. I mean even though I complained a bit about how old my car was it was still pretty great. I’ve been driving that old Camry since I was 16! Poor thing…

But anyway! The good news. I am not hurt in anyway. I only have 2 little scratches from my seat belt on my arm. And a little whip lash…The accident wasn’t my fault. I was actually stopped at a stop light on my way home for lunch and was rear ended. Or rather rear slammed. My dad’s going to bring me a replacement for now tomorrow. It’s a truck which I am not super excited about, but hey at least I’ll be able to drive.

But anyway here’s some awesome One-Punch Man fight scenes!


Tonight is the first night of me being alone. I mean not totally alone thankfully. Really glad to have the kittens here with me.

I’ve never been good at being home alone. My mind does weird things. But I guess on the bright side I have a new kick ass computer and speakers to play on. So I am sure a lot of video games and cartoons will soon begin.

Now my only worry is what I am I going to eat? I am so used to Randall cooking for me. Tonight I got a salad from Walmart, it was okay. Tomorrow I am planning on making slow cooker chicken tacos. I forgot to get tortillas tonight…I hope they turn out good. I am always super paranoid about leaving cooking items on when I am not home…Or that Oswin and Rory will knock it down or something.

I know I joke about only missing because he cooks and cleans but now I am sitting in bed and it feels huge. And yes that can be nice, but I am a cuddler…Looks like it’s going to be a big night for kitty love.