Suicide Squad

I just got back from the theater and I just got to say, HOLY FREAKING BALLS! This movie was AWESOME! I loved it so much. Did not disappoint at all. Way awesome!

Okay, so now for the parts that could spoil for some. So SPOILERS!




Okay. I loved how in the end you see how everyone is back in prison and somethings have changed. Dead Shot gets to see his daughter, Killer Crock has a TV and Harley has her espresso machine, oh and Captain Boomerang is now in prison with them (can’t forget that!). I especially love how you find out the Joker isn’t dead. That would have ruined the entire movie for me!

Now down to the acting and characters. I loved Jared Leto as the Joker, duh. The one that surprised me was Will Smith as Dead Shot. That was an awesome performance! I really felt for Dead Shot because Smith made it so real. Margot Robbie AWESOME as Harley Quinn. Her Jersey accent slips here and there but I think it was appropriate. I liked the El Diablo character also, very sad that he sacrificed himself. Katana was super bad ass. I am still having mixed feelings about Flag. Waller was spot on! Dear lord I even hated/respected the woman. Holy crap she’s scary. You’re never really sure what she’s capable of. I wasn’t surprised that Slipknot was killed, shocking. Seeing how I hadn’t heard of him. But it was the only predictable part of the movie, which sucks but still not bad for only one part. Enchantress was very interesting. I had heard of her before but not her brother. To be totally honest I wasn’t sure who was going to be the “bad guy” in this movie. I have been excited for it since I found out about it and I tried very hard to not have any clues to how it would go. Over all though, super AWESOME! I am definitely buying this one.

I loved the back story little changeovers. Those flashback parts were great. I particularly enjoyed the Joker/Harley Quinn parts, but that’s predictable for me. Dead Shot’s flashbacks were great also. Also El Diablo’s story is so heart wrenching, but he is such a great character. I wasn’t sure if I would like him in the beginning, but once Dead Shot makes him open up (use his powers) he reveals that yes, he was a bad guy but he doesn’t want to be anymore. The same goes for Dead Shot. “I don’t want my daughter to think I am a piece of shit.” (That may not be the direct quote…sorry I was too enthralled.)

I am really hoping for a second Suicide Squad, they definitely left it open for one or at least a Joker enthused spin off. But I also went into this movie having not seen Batman Vs. Superman. I am a little against that movie, though now having seen Suicide Squad I am a little curious of what happened. They do reference it in Suicide Squad and now I am a little confused, but I am still considering if I care enough to see it. (I am still very against Affleck being Batman. He played the part well in Suicide Squad, but I am just not ready for that…)

So in the end I loved it! Very awesome and I hope there’s another one!


Post Fight

Last night was awful. But worse than the actual fight and almost break up is the residual awfulness. The big question is how long we’ll be able to make it work. We’ve never had a fight this bad.

Everything started because I was very irritable from work and little things kept picking away at me. Yes when I got home be had already gone and bought a beer and he was asking me if he could go get another. The drinking is a really big problem for me because it makes him very hard to be around. So after dealing with that for a few hours I exploded.

The fight was bad. Like really bad. Bad enough that I was packing his stuff so I could take him to his mother’s. That didn’t end up happening though. However I am half waiting for him to just leave anyway. I am not even sure how to feel anymore. I am just exhausted.

Huge Fight

Tonight was just awful. My boyfriend and I had a huge fight that almost ended in us breaking up. After getting the angry out the civil sadness came into play and lots of crying, by me. Well I’ve been awake since 5 a.m. And it’s almost midnight now. I am all sorts of exhausted, physical and emotional.

No more drama for a while. I need a vacation…

Breastfeeding: Private or Public

I’ve heard a lot about this topic and to be honest I canĀ feel for both sides. But seriously if I had a child I wouldn’t want to breastfeed in public. I don’t have children, but being a woman who is well endowed I would rather not “whip them out” in public to feed a child. Yes I can see the feminist side of wanting to feel free and equal among others. But maybe keeping certain things private is best.

I don’t think people are taking into account how kids will see this. If young girls are seeing woman breastfeeding in public then we will probably see an upswing in slutty dress for young girls. I mean we already see tons of girls, not woman, girls dressed in tiny skirts and shorts with tight shirts (even though they don’t have breasts to show off…). Kids see sex and other things literally everywhere.

Yes, I will be the first person to throw on a tank top and shorts. But the shorts are saved for at home, in bed. PerhapsĀ kids today should still have somethings left to the imagination. Maybe they won’t get pregnant at a young age. Maybe they could actually do something great with their lives instead of having a kid and becoming stuck, like so many young single parents. Yes there are some young single parents who do become something amazing, but it’s very hard. I would be terrified to have a child, even now in my early twenties.

So maybe there’s a circle happening here. Kids become corrupted, have kids of their own and then parents fight over whether breastfeeding in public is right. Just saying…

I Just Don’t Know

Thinking of the future terrifies me. It really does. Thoughts of if I’ll ever get married or have kids or what my job will be in ten years. I don’t even want to think about next year. But past all those thoughts is the truly scary for me.
I love my boyfriend, I do. But there are those times when it just really makes you wonder if you want to be with this person the rest of your life. Right now I am truly angry and I’ll probably try to stay angry for a while. I like to think I trust my boyfriend, but when something happens that is out of left field when for the longest time we’ve been so in sync it’s shacking. Thoughts of are things like this going to continue start to swirl around.
My ex made me very uneasy about certain things. Money is one of them. The plain fact that money is one of the leading causes of fights in relationships and then eventually divorces. My parents fought about money all the time. My parents are divorced. Things like that make me really worry if I’ll ever get married or if I’ll just end up having a string on boyfriends. Or if I’ll just turn into a crazy cat lady.
The truth is everytime a boyfriend asks me if I see us getting married someday I never do. To be totally honest I don’t want to live past 40. What do I really have going that will make me want to continue living this life? In about 15 years I will be 40, my mom will most likely not be living anymore, my dad will most definitely be dead (not the best health to start with) and where will I be? Still stuck in this hell hole, working the same job that I hate? Will I even be with my boyfriend still?
I know we’re not supposed to know what happens but if I am 40 and still in Arizona I will be planning something to change.


I wasn’t really sure what to call this post. I am gonna try and make it interesting. I’ve noticed that some of my top viewed posts are about The Venture Brothers, which makes me very happy because I love The Venture Brothers. But sadly I don’t have any new updates about when the new season will come out. I do have a funny quote though!
“World domination? Please. What kind of fool do you take me for? I’ll leave that to the Republicans and the religious nuts.” -The Monarch
I was thinking about that one whilst talking politics at work.
So nothing really exciting happening for me right now. I am doing laundry. I’ve been thinking a lot about my ex. You know the one who pretended to be gay to move out of his parents house, at age 30…real winner there. I am so glad I am with my boyfriend now! Less drama! Better life too…Maybe someday I’ll tell the whole story. (Wink.)