Recently I’ve had a memory from my childhood continuously float back to the top. It’s a memory from when I was a young teenager going to a Mormon camp. I know what you’re wondering, yes this is a post about religion and no this is neither a bash nor a recommendation for any religion. As it is titled this is my perspective of my experience.

So now back to my memory. I don’t even remember how old I was at this time, maybe 13 or 14. The adults that were in charge of us had all of the kids in my group be blindfolded and they told us to hold on to a rope that would lead us through the forest to safety. They also gave us all an egg to hold on to and to “keep safe” to represent something special.

So as a young teenager I was asked to go through a forest blindfold hold this egg, being guided by a rope tied by strangers. At the time it didn’t seem odd but I had never questioned my existence or my beliefs that I had been told all my life were true and right. During my turn on the course a one point someone, I still have no idea if it was another camper or if it was one if the leaders, pushed me and told me to move. So I let go of the rope and let them pass. Just as a side note for everyone I am a super clumsy person so this was a difficult challenge already for me. But you know what happened when I let go of the rope? Absolutely nothing. I just stood there listening to the birds chirping. After a few moments I grabbed the rope again and found my way to the end of the course.

Anyway, my recent ponderings of this experience has brought me to the conclusion that yes the leaders of the camp were trying to show us that they’re religion, being Mormon, would lead us through life safely. What I learned from all of my experiences in that church is life is life whether you are religious or not. Just because you are religious doesn’t mean bad things aren’t going to happen. I also learned that people won’t be better because of their religious beliefs either. Some of the best people I’ve met aren’t religious. Some if the worst have been.

Don’t let your perspective be blinded by what you’ve been told is true. Be open minded.


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