Why I Am Voting Bernie

Yes I know, Bernie Sanders is pretty much out of the race. That being said I am still going to vote for him. People may say I am wasting my vote but I don’t see it that way at all.

First off the biggest reason I am voting for Bernie is I feel like I can trust him to try his best and be honest about what he does. I like that he’s not some huge billionaire who think he alone can change the country (cough). I feel like Bernie knows things need to change and he realizes it will take time and effort. The country won’t be better overnight.

Secondly Bernie is small. He doesn’t have his own jet or waste his funding on things like that. He grew up poor so he understands how people feel. Yes he wants to help people or as I’ve heard so many times lately “give people everything for free”. Yes there are some people who abuse the assistance programs, but a lot of people out there actually need the help. Personally I know that I am not middle class, I am lower class. I am barely a step above homeless. I know it and a appreciate every scrap of assistance I can get. When you have to decide what bill you can put off until later there is something significantly wrong with the situation. I have a full time job. I don’t party and “fuck around”. I try my hardest. I work a crap job that doesn’t pay enough and I live in a place where living costs are ridiculous. Yeah I didn’t finish college. I can’t afford to go back.

Thirdly the fact that our health care plan is so stupid and expensive is laughable. Universal health care has worked in many different countries. Yes it takes time, yes it will be difficult, but on a whole it will be worth it. Yes taxes will have to go up. But that is why we have taxes, to pay for things like roads, schools and healthcare!

Fourthly, I won’t be embarrassed to admit I am an American if Bernie won.

Fifthly Bernie is going to be descriminitive to anyone. Being an American means you can be anything you want. Gay, straight, religious of any kind or not. Just because there are some scary parts to unknown religions or beliefs doesn’t mean there are some scary parts to the well known ones we have in America. I am sure every religion has a few skeletons in their closets.

So on that day when I go to vote for president I will be voting Bernie, even if I have to write him in. I urge any other Bernie supporters to keep the hope that he still can win. Write him in. Do what you know will help this country.

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