Sounds like a drink name right? I can’t believe the last Archer episode. Huge twist and cliffhanger! So if you haven’t seen the last episode if season 7, Deadly Velvet Part 2, this post has some huge spoilers!

So a quick recap. This whole season has been a little odd. I’ve loved it just the same however. We begin out with the cops at a mansion and a body in the pool. We find out that it’s Archer. Then we start again with Archer and the team in Los Angeles where they are starting a private investigators agency. Cyril is actually the “boss”, sort of. They’re first job is getting a stolen data disc for the famous actress Veronica Dean, a mysterious woman dressed with large sunglasses, gloves and a large hat and scarf to hide her identity. Only to find out the disc they stole back for her was actually them stealing it from her. Now they have been hired by the really Veronica Dean to steal it back. Some bikers were involved and we see the kick ass side of Archer and the biker version of Ray.

A.J. is still with the team too. We actually see her in the third episode of this season and she’s two now. Lana is trying to get her into a very exclusive pre-preschool. We actually learn a bit about Archer’s past in this episode. One of the member’s of the board for the school is a person from Archer’s past, Ivy. In exchange for a spot in the preschool Archer is hired by Ivy to kill another person from Archer’s past, Whitney. Ivy and Whitney used to bully Archer at his prep school. Any way somehow Whitney and Ivy are involved with the data disc.

We also see Barry again. As you’ll recall Archer and Pam last fought Barry last season when they went to Pam’s hometown for her sister’s wedding. He was burned so now he only looks like a robotic terminator skeleton. Why we see him in this season is he wants to find his real mother but has no way to find her because she gave him up for adoption. In order for Archer to help him Barry has kidnapped Malory and hidden her in an underground bunker with limited oxygen. But while Barry has the others looking for info about his mom Malory rescue her own bad ass self. We also find out Krieger is making cyborg doubles of everyone in this episode.

In the next two parter episode the agency has been hired to protect Veronica Dean and her expensive necklace at a fundraiser hosted by her ex husband, Ellis Crane. Once there robbers seal the building up trying to steal the necklace, dressed as clowns… The whole thing turns into a crap shoot when the real robbers pose as hostages that have been released and dress everyone up as clowns (those who haven’t infiltrated the robbers [Archer, Lana and Pam]). So everyone gets bean-bagged.

For their next job the agency is hired to find evidence of a couple cheating, on each other. The guys of the group are hired to get evidence of the wife cheating and the women are getting evidence of the husband’s cheating. So now it’s turned into who’s hottest. Cheryl and Pam are trying to attract the husband while Cyril and Krieger are trying to get the wife. Anyway this one’s just funny and turns into a bar fight.

Then we see Slater again. He needs helping finding a CIA threat that will become an assassin if he’s not stopped. We find out that Archer missed the day of training for water boarding. Another just funny episode.

Now we find ourselves at another two parter. Deadly Velvet. Ellis Crane has hired Lana as a consultant for the movie, Deadly Velvet, about a private eye. Veronica Dean is the lead and her lawyer has hired the agency to help find out who is sabotaging the set. Archer is playing her bodyguard but ends up sleeping with her. In the end Crane has been murdered. Part two we find the cops trying to figure out how could have killed Crane. Veronica is trying desperately to convince everyone Lana did it. As the rest of the team is going to the station to be tested for gunpowder residue Archer goes to get his cyborg and heads to Veronica’s mansion. Which leaves us where we started in the very beginning of the season, Archer face down in the pool with bullet holes in his stomach. We thought he was alive but that turned out to be the cyborg.

Fox hasn’t renewed for another season, yet. But they can’t leave it like this! Archer can’t end this way! Obviously I’ve left out a lot so you can still watch. But holy shit snacking whores! I hope they renew for season 8.

Okay, so now my theory of what could happen if there is another season.

  1. There were 2 Krieger cyborgs. Maybe there were 2 Archers too.
  2. See #1 but Krieger doesn’t tell anyone that Archer is now a cyborg.
  3. We flash forward to A.J. as an adult looking for her father’s killer.

Any other ideas from other Archer fans with theories?



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