The Most Recent Update

I haven’t posted anything in a while, sorry about that. Nothing super spectacular has happened. Still hurting from my car accident, I had a bulging rip earlier this month from it (needless to say it hurt and isn’t something that happens normally!) I’ve learned sarcasm is awesome (like I needed to learn that…) And I’ve received lots if kitty love! The love of a cat can do amazing things. (And I have 2!) I swear they both are reverting back to kitten form! So cute and lovey!
Oh and the best part! I’ve been sick all day (stomach flu)! I thought it was something I ate but no. It was my dad. Who came to visit the other day and neglected to tell us he had the stomach flu. Randall is now waiting for his certain death via stomach flu. I already died so we’re good. (Smirk) Sarcasm!


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