For Real Now…

Now that I’ve gotten my angry post out of the way I can focus on a more serious post. Today I drove to Morenci, Arizona which is about an hour drive from where I live. Randall’s mom lives there with her husband and it’s always a little bit of a challenge when we go to visit. They aren’t mean to us or anything like that, it’s just Randall gets easily annoyed by his mom. That isn’t the serious issue I want to talk about though.

The drive is what the seriousness is about. The highway you take to go to Morenci is very curvy. There’s usually a lot of traffic too. Morenci has a mine that a large majority of the people here work at. They drive that road to work very fast. I already didn’t like the road. Now I am driving it in a large truck that I am not enjoying driving.

Yes don’t get me wrong, I love having a vehicle and that I don’t have to walk. But this truck is like my worst enemy right now. It’s taller and it hurts to climb into it already. My chiropractor and massage therapist have already noticed my shoulders hurting more than usual because of it. I don’t like large vehicles very much right now. A large truck is what hit me when I had my accident. Yes, I am a little biased against large vehicles now. Even if I get one for my next vehicle it will still be smaller than the truck I have now. The truck I have now is an extend cab with an extra long bed. I hate being that big. I have to park a ways away from the main door to any store I go to, including work, because I have to anticipate taking up 2 parking spots.

Anyway the drive to Morenci wasn’t terrible. We left in the late morning and there wasn’t many people on the road. Yes it was raining a little, but nothing to worry about. The drive back to Thatcher is another story. There were a lot of vehicles around me, most of them bigger than my truck…It was raining harder and the wind had picked up. So all this meant I had to be sure I was in control of a 3/4 ton truck that shakes and takes time to build up speed. I am sore just from the drive home alone. I miss my rental so much now. That Altima had no problems on the same drive I took today. It was so smooth. Today I felt like my truck was going to shake to pieces.

Needless to say I’ll be very happy to get my new vehicle. I don’t know at this point what kind of vehicle it will be, but I know it will be smaller. I want something I can drive easily without having to climb into it, but have the auto balls to get things done. I hope I can find something that I like and that can live up to my expectations.

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