Thank God It’s Sunday

It’s been a hard week and work. Yesterday could have counted as a week in my book any day. The credit/debit transactions wouldn’t work and it being a busy Saturday a lot of customers were less than understanding. But that’s all over now. Thank god.

Today is my first day off and I am so happy for it. I have 3 days off in a row, which I will take gratefully. But today is going to be a bit of a lazy day. The house work got done early and so now Randall and I have all day to do whatever. Tomorrow is a lot of appointments and hassle. So today is now an all writing day for me. Hopefully I’ll get a lot more done that past days. I am working on something new for me. A science fiction space story. I’ve never tried to write something to this caliber, but I’ve also never really finished a story to my expectations. Usually I get bored with the story or lose my inspiration. Hopefully this one will be different for me. I want this one to work.

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