Around and Around…

I hate having to convince people of something I want. I hate it even more when they support you and then change their minds when the decision starts to become real. Last night I found a car I’ve always wanted. A Mini Cooper. It’s within my distance range of potential cars, it’s under $7,000 and it’s under 80,000 miles. My boyfriend agreed with me that it would be great for me. Now today when I mentioned I was going to tell my dad about it (who will be the hardest person to convince) Randall points out I should do more research on the Mini Cooper to see if there are problems to worry about. It’s a smart thing to do. I just wished he had thought of it last night instead of agreeing with me that this should be the car I go after. Now that I am agreeing with him that yes there could be problems he starts to pout. Obviously I don’t know much about car. I wish this were easier…Everyone keeps telling me to get my dream car and then I get hit with reality.


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