S Is For More Than Sunday

It has been a long week. It started with more pain in my back that is ” unexplained”. That’s super encouraging. So back down to 6 hour shifts and more doctor visits. So I am super happy it’s Sunday and I don’t have to do anything.
One part that isn’t so bad about the car accident is the fact that I am getting a new to me car. I’ve been looking for cars online and I have found it! The car I’ve always wanted that seems to be in my range. A black and gold Mini Cooper for under $7,000 with under 80,000 miles on it, plus it’s not that far from home. I want it so bad! I still have to okay it with my dad. But I hope he lets me get it. Technically he’s the one with the money…But it will be so sweet and totally awesome if this is my new car!


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