Day Off (Finally!)

Today is finally a day off for me, tomorrow too! Yes I still have a chiropractor appointment today but nothing to bad today. I need to do laundry also. Luckily my boyfriend is really awesome about helping me. I am really lucky to have him. I am also very lucky that he didn’t dip out after my accident. (Dip out means disappear, mom.) I really like our relationship. It’s easy and I understand that you have to work to make it work, but after a few bad relationships with that philosophy in mind my new thought on relationships is if it’s not worth the work to make it work (i.e. If the work in the relationship isn’t making it better or you happy) why work for it? I definitely do not condone stringing someone along. That’s just cruel. If it’s over don’t hide it while you’re out with a secret lover. Just let that sick relationship die. Who knows you might still be able to be friends (but probably not…).

Okay, I am done with my rant. I promise. I do feel bad for a dear friend’s situation with her resent relationship. To put it shortly she was with her boyfriend for sometime, I want to say for 2 years or almost that, they had to do long distance and now it’s over. That’s the sad thing about long distance relationships though. If it’s hard to make it work it won’t work. Usually it ends very badly, like someone cheating, and it can be very depressing and discouraging. But I’ve realized something from my experiences with just bad relationships, you may not realize that you can do better. You can feel stuck but there is always a way out. But remember, “Do what’s right, not what’s easy.” I don’t know who originally said that but I’ve seen it from Tommy Chong a lot on Facebook.

It’s not always easy. That’s the hard part of life. But if you’re going to survive life with some dignity for yourself left (because let’s face it you should care how you feel about yourself and not how others do) you’ll try to do what’s right. You may not accomplish peace or a total sense of right but you tried. You have to try! Okay I am really done ranting now. I promise.

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