A Tough Day

Today is kind of crappy. I woke up hurting a lot today. It hurt to get out of bed. It hurts sitting here in this chair writing this. It’s like all I can know for certain right now is I am going to hurt. It’s a guarantee. But hopefully when I go back to my doctor he’ll prescribe some much need pain pills. I am ready to beg.

But on that happy note I didn’t go to work today because I hurt so bad with the added bonus of not having slept good last night. Lots of tossing. So today I am hanging out trying to not just go back to bed. My chosen purpose for today is to work on my family history or genealogy as know it all’s like to correct me (it’s happened before…). Sorry I am a little sarcastic and feisty today. Maybe I’ve been watching to much M*A*S*H* lately. It’s one of my favorite shows from my childhood, which maybe answers a few questions about my sense of humor…I am definitely a Hawkeye. If you have no idea of what I am talking about please go watch the show, you won’t be disappointed. It’s old but it has a solid point.

Anyway family history! My grandfather gave me an old Windows XP computer and it has a ton of family history data on it. I’ve been slowly putting the info up on Ancestry.com. Sadly the computer is very slow and I even had to find it a WiFi adapter so I could use the internet on it. But now with our new computer available for other entertainment I can bring my laptop to the old XP and take the info to the web so much faster. No switching screens anymore. It was very slow work before. Now I am only left with knit picky stuff and I am actually running out of info to use. I really need to get more than the basic Ancestry.com membership. Right now I can look at any record matches that pop up, I have to upgrade. And I don’t want to. I know there’s the “free” trail, spoiler alert! It’s not free.

Anyway, that is what I’ve been working on. I am in the process of making a travel map of where my ancestors farthest back info starts from to where I am today. It’s slow since I have not found anything to do this yet and also I don’t know actual route of travel. I am just making where someone was born to where their descendants went. I would love to have the information of which way they went, places they went.


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