Chiropractor Visit #3 and Sunflowers

I am starting to love going to the chiropractor, especially since my accident has left me a lump of pain with shoes. I am always a little worried when my chiropractor pushes hard on my back that I am going to fart. And of course in my mind it’s not going to be a little, unnoticeable toot but something horrible that can’t be unnoticed to save my poor throbbing back. I am really amazed at some of the positions it takes to pit my back at ease again. But I always leave feeling great.
But of course then there’s my own personal massage therapist at home. My boyfriend, Randall, has been amazing during this. Rubbing me whenever I need it and then sometimes when I don’t. I’d be so much worse without him.
I’ve noticed I am so tired now. It’s like it takes nothing to zap my energy. Plus the anti-anxiety pills make me drowsy. I am just hoping for pain pills since I am popping ibuprofen down like skittles.
I got a card in the mail today from my mom, who was desperately trying to find a way to come see me after the accident. Unfortunately we have to wait for our scheduled vacation time. I realized though from that card today though the reason why I love yellow and sunflowers. The last 2 cards I’ve gotten from my mom have been cards with a sunflower on the covers. Sunflowers are happy to me. Just the ultimate symbol of happiness.

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