Anxiety and Thanks

It’s 5 am right now and I’ve been awake for a little while. I keep thinking back to the crash and it makes me wonder if I’ll ever be able to drive calmly again. I’ve never been scared to drive and I am not sure if I am now. I don’t have a vehicle to drive now so I haven’t tried yet. Maybe having a truck to drive now will be good. I am just curious about how much anxiety I’ll have about driving and especially stop lights.
I am not noticing a lot of pain or stiffness but I’ve been in bed this whole time. I just keep waiting for it to hit me. Everyone told me I would be sore today.
One thing this accident has taught me is how good random people can be. I will always be grateful to the woman who came running to my side to help me. She had never met me and knew nothing about me, but she stayed there with me and made sure I was okay. She was a mom to me when mine couldn’t be there with me, insisting I be taken to the hospital. Thank you Ms. Bridgette. You’ve restored my hope in humanity and reaffirmed my belief that people can be naturally good.


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