Tonight is the first night of me being alone. I mean not totally alone thankfully. Really glad to have the kittens here with me.

I’ve never been good at being home alone. My mind does weird things. But I guess on the bright side I have a new kick ass computer and speakers to play on. So I am sure a lot of video games and cartoons will soon begin.

Now my only worry is what I am I going to eat? I am so used to Randall cooking for me. Tonight I got a salad from Walmart, it was okay. Tomorrow I am planning on making slow cooker chicken tacos. I forgot to get tortillas tonight…I hope they turn out good. I am always super paranoid about leaving cooking items on when I am not home…Or that Oswin and Rory will knock it down or something.

I know I joke about only missing because he cooks and cleans but now I am sitting in bed and it feels huge. And yes that can be nice, but I am a cuddler…Looks like it’s going to be a big night for kitty love.


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