Christmas Blues

This is going to be a difficult Christmas for us. Unfortunately both my boyfriend and I are going to different places this year. Today he’s leaving to go to his mom’s house. Tomorrow night I leave for my mom’s house.
It’s not that I don’t like his mom or something, I just don’t want him to be stuck there and then realize he’s not having a good time. I won’t be there to take him home. I kind of wish he were just staying home. He thought about doing that, but I know his mom probably guilted him into it. She’s been extra clingy lately.
Randall has always been kind of antisocial. I think it’s more of social anxiety. I feel bad that he feels like he has to please everyone too. I know he just wants to stay home but now he feels bad he’s not coming with me. But he still feels bad for going to his mom’s. He’s complicated. He’s been tossing and turning all nice, but then again I am the one laying in bed awake…

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