Ready For A Break

I am sorry I haven’t been more active lately. I’ve been so busy at work I am tired at the end of my days. But luckily since Christmas is next week it’s been slowing down.
So what is new? My boyfriend and I have started watching a new anime called One-Punch Man. I know, I know anime has a very selective fan base but this one is great! It’s about a man who is a hero for fun. It takes place in a fictional Japanese (I think anyway, that’s where the manga is from) city state. Anyway if you can get past having subtitles (that was a big struggle for me) it’s amazing and you’ll love it. Believe me if you like shows I’ve posted about before you’ll most likely enjoy this one too. Same humor.

Not a lot has happened besides this new show. Still waiting for the new seasons of Archer and The Venture Bros. Still waiting for the release date of season 3 of Rick and Morty. So here’s some cute pictures of our cats.

And a pretty sunset.


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