To start this post let me pose a question: Do people change with age? I’ve often wondered this, primarily about my father. Most of the evidence points to no. My father is still the very stubborn, very right minded man he was when I was in high school. But then there are a few new points that are intriguing to say the least.
The most recent of these small points is him seeming ok with my boyfriend spending the night. Granted I am sick and my father was worried about me. (Though if I heard death on the other side of the phone call I’d be worried too…) My dad doesn’t know that my boyfriend and I live together, but that’s because he wouldn’t approved of it. The fact that I implied that my boyfriend spent the night and my father didn’t say anything is highly suspicion.
But the other conclusion is that my dad has changed a little and is just worried I am becoming an old maid…He has called me one before…That was a great 22nd birthday. Yes. 22 and I am an old maid.


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