Just For Sparky (wink)

Why is the restroom such a touchy subject? Just last night I watched the South Park episode about how Clyde killed his mom by not putting the toilet seat down. Do I personally take offense when men don’t put the seat back down? Not really. I grew up with my dad and brother never putting it back down, but if it hasn’t been cleaned and you can tell it needs to be cleaned that is where the line is drawn.
I have noticed women’s personal (at home) bathrooms are usually nicer or cleaner. With also the added bonus of the seat being down, primarily because usually these bathrooms belong to a single woman. My mom’s was beautiful and smelled amazing. The 1001 adult only joke book did also make it an enjoyable experience.
So Sparky, nothing weird in the women’s restroom today! Except perhaps a mystery substance on the floor…

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