Okay, so I started working on this research earlier and I wasn’t able to finish reading stuff till now. I’ve actually only researched the Mountain Meadows Massacre. But even that has been enough to totally change the tone of this post. I meant for this to be a neutral post, but it may not be that way…Sorry…

So Mountain Meadows Massacre, really just awful nasty stuff. I found an article about it that seemed to be neutral with actual accounts from people who experienced it. Here’s what I thought summed it all up fairly well.

“The Massacre
By September 11, Legion officers had devised a plan for ending the stand-off.  Most of the Paiutes had left after growing weary of the siege and could play no role in the bloody conclusion.  The plan was devious, but effective.  Major John Higbee, in command of the forces at Mountain Meadows, persuaded John Lee and William Bateman to act as decoys to draw the emigrants out from the protection of their wagons.  Lee and Bateman, carrying a white flag, marched across the field to the emigrants’ camp.  The desperate emigrants agreed to the terms promised by Lee: They would give up their arms, wagons, and cattle, in return for promise that they would not be harmed as they embarked on a 35-mile hike back to Cedar City.  Samuel McMurdy, a member of the Nauvoo Legion, took the reigns of one of the wagons into which were loaded some of the youngest children.  A woman and a few seriously injured emigrant men were loaded into a second wagon.  John Lee positioned himself between the two wagons as they pulled out.  Following the two wagons, the women and the older children of the Fancher party walked behind.  After the wagons had moved on, Higbee ordered the emigrant men to begin walking in single file.  An armed Mormon “guard” escorted each emigrant man.

When the escorted men had fallen a quarter mile or so behind the women and children, who had just crested a small hill, Higbee yelled, “Halt!  Do your duty!”  Each of the Mormon men shot and killed the emigrant at his side.  Meanwhile, on the other side of the hill, Nelphi Johnson shouted the order to begin the slaughter of the women and older children.  Men rushed at the defenseless emigrants from both sides, and the killing went on amidst “hideous, demon-like yells.”   Nancy Huff, four years old at the time of the massacre, later remembered the horror: “I saw my mother shot in the forehead and fall dead.  The women and children screamed and clung together.  Some of the young women begged the assassins after they run out on us not to kill them, but they had no mercy on them, clubbing their guns and beating out their brains.” It was over in just a few minutes.  120 members of the Fancher party were dead.  The youngest children, seventeen or eighteen in all, were gathered up, to later be placed in Mormon homes.  None of the survivors was over seven years old.”

They killed everyone! Except the youngest children that were under 8 years old, who were then put, against they will mind you, into Mormon homes to be raised. That is terrifying! and not that long ago! So when someone who is Mormon is saying they’re being persecuted remind them of this!

This article also talks about polygamy and Brigham teaching blood atonement. Polygamy, as I was told when I was growing up as a Mormon teenager, was to help support the women and families of men who had been killed due to persecution. I don’t know if that’s the real reason or not. I’ve known a lot of Mormon people who have gotten married just to have sex. So not sure on that one. I do believe that Brigham Young was racist. That’s an easy bet…I mean it was the 1800’s.

All I can say at this point is the guy who posted the original post that I have been researching either knew a lot more than most Mormons or did a lot more research than I am whiling to do. My conclusion is decided for yourself. I can only go off what I have experienced, which has not been good on any level.

I welcome CIVIL discussions on this subject. Though if I do get any negative or hateful comments they will be deleted.


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