SPOILERS and Thoughts

Ok, Rick and Morty season 2 episode 10. If you haven’t seen it don’t read this. Seriously. I am going to go into depth on this episode and since it’s the season finale and we have to wait FOREVER for season 3 I am going to go off on some theories for the future.


Ok. And away we go! So this last episode was really trippy, but that describes most of the show. So the episode starts with Bird Person getting married and Rick not liking that fact. Rick is obviously against marriage. But once Rick starts to let his guard down and feel happy for Bird Person the celebration turns into a battle. Tammy is an undercover and busts everyone at the reception. My biggest oh shit moment is when Bird Person gets killed. I’ve always like him as a character…

So anyway Rick and the family get away from the cops and are now on the run without a portal gun. As per usual Rick is leading the family through this craziness and Jerry is freaking out. They find a planet to call home, which is tiny. The hunt for a new planet is crazy. There’s only 3 planets that are Earth (which means dirt…) like. There’s the tiny planet, a on the cob planet and a planet that circles a screaming sun.

But at the end Rick makes a huge decision. You see that Earth is now in what is called the Galactic Federation and the family begins to discuss what is going to happen to them. Of course Jerry is for doing whatever will take the family back to their normal life on Earth. He even suggests turning Rick into the cops. Thankfully Morty, Summer and Beth are willing to do anything to keep Rick apart of their lives. Rick having overheard all of this decides to turn himself in and says that he kidnapped the family. The family is able to go back to Earth and Rick is sent to prison. The End!

In my mind this cannot be the end of Rick and Morty. I mean nothing will ever be the same again for the family! The music at the end scene is so synced into what is happening it’s just perfect! But the music is one thing that always drew me in deeper to the show.

Ok, so thoughts on what season 3 will hold for us. I have a couple of theories.

  1. The alternate Rick’s and Morty’s will save Rick from prison. Or who knows, it only be the Rick that killed some of the alternate Rick’s. If you recall from season 1 episode 10 the evil Rick was a robot being remotely controlled.
  2. Unity could make another appearance. Unity could take over the prison and release Rick. Or she could have also finally taken over the universe and become the government.
  3. The rebels who are still loose from Rick’s past could break Rick out.
  4. The family does something amazing and breaks Rick out. Obviously Morty, Summer and Beth need Rick.
  5. Rick takes over the prison some how, because he’s a bad ass.

So there’s my theories. What do you think will happen in season 3? Please post your theories, I would love to see what others think.

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