Rick and Morty

Over my time on overnights I started watching a new show in my very little down time. Rick and Morty is awesome! I love it. It’s a cartoon from Adult Swim. It’s just like Adventure Time but for adults.
I just got done watch season 2 episode 3, I think it’s called Auto Erotic Assimilation. It’s intense! So if you’re watching this series and haven’t gotten to this episode yet SPOILER ALERT! Seriously stop reading this. That means you!

Ok. So Unity, hive mind that is really cool. And I think, if Unity willing to do such weird things with Rick she/he/it really loves/cares about him. The end is what got me. So many feels! You know Rick cares about Unity also, even if she/he/it is just something to party with and get “wrecked” with. The series has been talking a lot about Rick’s pain. I am curious what will come next. The fact that Rick tries to kill himself is just like what?! But when Unity writes him the letters it makes me wish I could have that much resolve and motivation to realize you have to leave this person you love! (Not saying that’s how I feel now! Very happy with my relationship.) I think a huge part of what makes this episode is the song they play at the end with Rick in the garage. It’s Do You Feel It by Chaos Chaos.

So if you’re someone that has read through all this even though you haven’t watched Rick and Morty, watch it! Seriously. It’s super awesome! And if you’re a fan of shows I’ve posted about before you’ll probably like this one too.


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