Breastfeeding: Private or Public

I’ve heard a lot about this topic and to be honest I can feel for both sides. But seriously if I had a child I wouldn’t want to breastfeed in public. I don’t have children, but being a woman who is well endowed I would rather not “whip them out” in public to feed a child. Yes I can see the feminist side of wanting to feel free and equal among others. But maybe keeping certain things private is best.

I don’t think people are taking into account how kids will see this. If young girls are seeing woman breastfeeding in public then we will probably see an upswing in slutty dress for young girls. I mean we already see tons of girls, not woman, girls dressed in tiny skirts and shorts with tight shirts (even though they don’t have breasts to show off…). Kids see sex and other things literally everywhere.

Yes, I will be the first person to throw on a tank top and shorts. But the shorts are saved for at home, in bed. Perhaps kids today should still have somethings left to the imagination. Maybe they won’t get pregnant at a young age. Maybe they could actually do something great with their lives instead of having a kid and becoming stuck, like so many young single parents. Yes there are some young single parents who do become something amazing, but it’s very hard. I would be terrified to have a child, even now in my early twenties.

So maybe there’s a circle happening here. Kids become corrupted, have kids of their own and then parents fight over whether breastfeeding in public is right. Just saying…


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