I wasn’t really sure what to call this post. I am gonna try and make it interesting. I’ve noticed that some of my top viewed posts are about The Venture Brothers, which makes me very happy because I love The Venture Brothers. But sadly I don’t have any new updates about when the new season will come out. I do have a funny quote though!
“World domination? Please. What kind of fool do you take me for? I’ll leave that to the Republicans and the religious nuts.” -The Monarch
I was thinking about that one whilst talking politics at work.
So nothing really exciting happening for me right now. I am doing laundry. I’ve been thinking a lot about my ex. You know the one who pretended to be gay to move out of his parents house, at age 30…real winner there. I am so glad I am with my boyfriend now! Less drama! Better life too…Maybe someday I’ll tell the whole story. (Wink.)

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