Life Tips

1. People lie.
2. People who lie don’t ever really change. No matter what kind of change it is.
3. Don’t use people as pawns. They could be using you as a pawn in their plans too.
4. Once you’ve burnt every bridge around you how are you going to get off the island of desperation that you’ll inevitably find your self on?

#4 is more of a food for thought for those of us who are lying and using people. I count not changing in with lying. It is really true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
This whole post surfaced after I heard more news from a friend. I was correct when I thought my ex wasn’t really gay and just using the poor person he was with for his own personal gain. People don’t change. If you are a person that fakes an entire relationship just to get something out of it then no, you never will learn. I just hope to god whomever is next in line for a fake relationship they are smart enough to listen to the rumors. There’s a reason that rumors go everywhere, sometimes they’re true.


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