I don’t know why but lately I’ve been having a lot of nightmares. Until recently I didn’t usually remember my dreams, but I think now that I am a lot happier I have an easier time remembering them. But the past couple of nights my dreams would be very strange.
Last night was one of the worst dreams I have had. I don’t remember all of it but by the end I was chasing my cat Oswin down a hall and stairway. I don’t know why we were there or why he was running from me. Oswin ended up tripping and fell down the stairs. He broke 3 of his legs and that mean the was going to die. I woke up crying.
I hate having bad dreams. I am just glad that this one wasn’t vivid, Oswin looked like a string puppet. I am also happy when I woke up Oswin was asleep at my feet and I was able to cuddle with him and Randall was there to tell me it was all a dream and that everything would be ok.

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