Before I even start, yes, I agree abortion is a very touchy and uncomfortable topic for many people. That being said I am pro choice. And before any trolls can start firing away at this, the biggest reason I chose to support being pro choice is the fact that if I were to become pregnant I would want to have any option available to me. I am a low income individual, I am unmarried, I am NOT ready to be a parent and I shouldn’t be a parent. I can guarantee that if I were to become pregnant I would be forced to rely on government programs to feed and care for myself and my family, which is another touchy subject. I can’t afford child, so I won’t be having one. I am not condoning using abortion as a form of birth control. I am condoning being responsible with welfare.
And because of my thoughts on abortion I am enraged that abortion is a factor in the presidential candidates and that Huckabee wants to have troops and the FBI fighting abortions! Talk about an inflated and unsupervised budget! Here’s the article. Huckabee on Abortion
I’d rather #FeelTheBern.


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