Crazy Life Moments

So first off a puzzling question. Not a huge life changer, but still…a bit of a whoa! If you found out an ex decided to change their sexual preference after your relationship with them how would you react?
The question isn’t for if the fact that they are now “gay” upsets you but more of how would you feel about it. Honestly the news isn’t upsetting me or even a really big surprise. I was talking it over with my current boyfriend and I was explaining to him how some people might become self conscious of themselves if they got that kind of news. Surprising to me my boyfriend hadn’t thought of it that way.
My biggest wonder of all of this is once the ex in this kind of situation “finds them selves” do they forever hate you or think you’re the reason because of their decision? Or do they become happier because of it?
See all of this may sound really random and odd but the main reason of these wonders is this relationship didn’t end well. I know at this point in time my ex is saying I am the main reason he made this change. I have a feeling that isn’t true, but maybe it is. I think I would probably at least consider the same decision if I had a bad relationship and couldn’t find anyone I was interested in afterwards.
But before I post this I just want to say I am in no way bashing anyone or trying to be offensive. Sexual orientation is no business to anyone unless you choose it to be and you have the right to be any orientation of your choice. I don’t want any trolls please. Thank you.


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