After reading a particularly stern and strict parent’s Facebook post I would like to just put this bit of info out there…If you raise your children right, and that doesn’t mean caging them up and blinding them to what the world is, but creating an environment where they know they are safe and can tell you anything you won’t have to worry about “losing” them to the world. There is a difference between being a parent and a friend, and personally coming from a “caged” home I can tell you now that if you repress your kids then they already know how to lie. No I am not a parent, but I’ve been caged before.
And again if you’re being a good parent then you don’t have to hack into your kids Facebook or emails or read their texts. That’s just an invasion of privacy! I think if a kids knows that about their parents it should be a pass to be angry. Don’t cause anger solve it. If you’re kids are curious about drugs then talk to them about it! Show them the facts (not just the bad ones!) and let them know you’ll love them either way.
Knowing your parents will accept you no matter what should be a given for kids. But teens who are “different” and know their parents won’t accept them is one of the worst feelings ever! Yes children growing up can be scary, but if you don’t want to lose them when they realize they are old enough to make their own decisions, accept them for who they are!
For you dad.

Thank you mom for being there at my worst and accepting me as me.

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