Question of the Day

Today I got home from going back to my hometown for a few days. My sister and her little boys are there and we had a lot of fun together. It’s just always so weird though when your family dynamic is so stressed that there is no possible way of everyone to be in 1 room together for too long.
My family is like two large Republican states and 3 medium Liberal states trying to have a picnic in a very hot, grassless park. No one is having fun, but for some reason you have to be there!
But super happy to be home. I missed my cats and my man. And no offense to people with kids but after 2 days of kids fighting I am in no hurry for kids. I’ll keep my kitties. Happily.
And now I pose a question that has been bugging me for a while now: What is you’re opinion on injecting livestock (cattle, sheep, pigs, what have you) with steroids? And the ever popular 2 parters! How long do you think steroids effect the livestock or how long are they active? My opinion if anyone shares theirs! I hope someone does. Yep I’ll settle for 1!

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