A Post While Literally Exhausted

Yep. That’s about it. I’ve been working for two days now in my new department (Seasonal and Gardening) and I am so tired. I love being in a different department (and one that takes constant maintenance, like watering, is great). It’s nice to always have something you can do and not be walking around wondering what to do. The only annoying part is the early mornings and being in the sun so much, but I can deal with that.
Another part of me being so exhausted is having had plans to have an electrician (and my landlord for that matter) come by after work to fix 2 nonworking (since I’ve lived here) lights, only to be stood up. Landlord never heard back from the electrician. After moving my bed so he could fix my bedroom light…Oh well. At this point I do not care.
I am just so glad I can sleep in tomorrow. Ah sleep…I’ve missed you…And here’s a Twenty One Pilots song, I am not sure which one yet…but they have a new album coming out, Blurryface.
Trees. I like this one a lot…

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