Fight Club

A difficult movie to understand after watching only once is Fight Club. I love this movie. A film based on the book by Chuck Palahniuk is a mind bending tale about a main character that doesn’t appear to have a name. However if you can investigate closely you will find slight clues, such as pay stubs, that suggest his name is “Jack”. “Jack” appears to be an average lower to middle class American who is bored with his life. He diagnoses himself as an insomniac, which is true. He starts to lose track of the world around him. The only way he can sleep is when he goes to support groups for people who are dying. But he can’t continue this routine because he meets Marla. Marla is a “faker”, but so is “Jack”. If Marla continues to go to the groups he’s terrified she’ll expose him. And now he can’t cry so he can’t sleep.
After returning home from a business trip “Jack” meets a man named Tyler. “Jack” envies Tyler because he’s everything”Jack” is not. He’s smart, sexy and free. Tyler does whatever he wants. He has a hundred different jobs like being a waiter and making soap. But the thing that makes Tyler so different is his need to show everyone reality. He says things like, “Self improvement is masterbation.”
The relationship of Tyler and “Jack” becomes more entangled and strange once “Jack” has started living with Tyler and they create Fight Club. Fight Club was a place for men to feel alive. Everything from their everyday lives go away and life seems simple. But “Jack” starts to notice something is different about Tyler and the other men.
This movie is amazing. It’s one of my favorites just for the psychological thrill ride it takes you on. If you haven’t seen it you really should.


4 thoughts on “Fight Club

  1. It took me three tries to get it, though the first try technically doesn’t count. First I started the movie, fell asleep shortly after the opening sequence and awoke at the closing scenes unaware I had fallen out: very trippy. The second viewing was the “shock and awe” viewing after watching the whole way through. My third viewing was with the knowledge of who’s who and it was fantastic. One of my top ten movies of all time.


      • Oh I know! The scene that always sticks in my head is the ending scene where Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter are holding hand watching the explosions and the The Pixies song start playing. Just amazing.

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