Rambly Thoughts

I’ve been thinking a lot about my job lately. (I won’t say [unless I quite] which company I work for, so the don’t ask don’t tell rule applies [don’t ask me and people who do know don’t tell…]) For a long time I have wanted to move to a different department. It’s not that I don’t like or know enough about my current position I’ve just been in the same place for almost 2 years now, I am in stagnant water (SpongeBob reverence!).
Recently my supervisor told me that if I really want to move then he would let me. But then there was also hints of a supervisor job opening up, and I had been trying to be a supervisor for like a year and a half now. (I gave up because I got tired of not being “qualified” enough for the position.) Honestly I would just be happy to be in the department I want.
But considering all of this last night at work I started thinking about all that having worked at this company has done to my life. I started working there when I first started living with an ex. My family didn’t like him and cut me off, so to support both of us I started work. After we broke up I realm considered finding a new place to work. But I didn’t and now another big part of it is I met my current boyfriend, Randall, there. I have a lot of good friends there too (having friends to work with is always the best, so much phrasing can happen [Archer reference]). A lot happens in 3 and almost a half years I guess.


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