Holy Crap!

Anyone that knows me well knows that I absolutely do not want children what so ever, but sometimes you hear or see something that just breaks your heart. And ironically it always happens at work in the public restroom. At least once a week I will be in the restroom and a woman and child will come in and not know I am there too. They always end up saying something so saddening or the kid ends up doing something so pitiful.
Today I was in the restroom (I swear all my stories start in the restroom…) and a mom and kid came in and a few minutes later I hear, “Don’t touch me that’s gross! Everything’s covered in germs,” from the mom. Followed by a sad little crying whimper, “But I love you!” I almost started crying too. (But it’s also times like these that I am happy my mom never cared if we were dirty or anything. She was always ready to love us.)
But honestly I am running into so many mothers that seem so unprepared or reluctant that they had kids. I mean if you are having kids you should at least take the 9 months in advance to prepare yourself. You had a mom figure at some point, whether it be a biological mother, an older sister, a friend or a distant relative (or a really cool loving dad).
So I guess the moral of the story is watch what you say in restrooms.


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