Going Pro?

Since I was in like 8th grade I’ve wanted to be a writer. Maybe an author, maybe a journalist. I don’t know. I’ve been trying to write a story for a few years, but I always lose my inspiration. So of course I start writing something else. And lose inspiration for that. But journalism, I’ve always like the thought of that. Unfortunately since I live in the middle of scenic nowhere, there aren’t any real news to write about here. So maybe something like writing about Tv shows (I am a huge nerd and I watch a ton of Tv, my boyfriend hates it) or pop culture or relationships or I don’t know. Something that a person could write about with some passion (I say Tv shows, because I watch a lot of obscure or random shows like The Venture Bros, Archer, Bob’s Burgers and Spongebob even).

I could even get into writing about music. That would be fun actually. My boyfriend shows me a lot of random unknown artists that I’ve never even heard of. Frequent viewers know that I usually talk about music a lot, like Watsky, Atmosphere, Mac Lethal, and Twenty One Pilots. Speaking of I need some music on here…

I really like this song by Watsky. I am pretty sure it’s the first song I heard by him. Really feeling it today. But anyway I need to get ready for work. But anyway, freelance blogging or journalism would be really cool.

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