My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 10 months. That’s a long time for me. A vast majority of my past relationships didn’t last more than a couple of weeks, maybe a month or so tops. But I am really happy with this one. It’s amazing to feel so secure in this relationship and not worry about what happens when I am not around.
Since I’ve been on my days off the past day and a half or so we’ve been talking about how we both feel in this relationship. Ours is a little odd. We met last year in January through work, but at the time we were both in bad relationships. I was with a guy that wasn’t happy with his life in general, so he was just mean to everyone. Randall was still in a long relationship with his ex. They had a lot of history together, but that can only be expected after 3 years. But somehow Randall and I ended up single and together.
Compared to my last relationships I am very happy with this one. We seem to bring out the best in each other. I worry sometimes because I don’t think we’ve ever had really fight. Whenever we argue we always end up in bed. But I suppose if we make each other happy that shouldn’t matter.
I feel like we’re The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch from The Venture Brothers (I couldn’t decide which picture I likes better). We can do anything together. Even if we don’t conquer our foes, we’ll still make each other happy. Now it’s just the wonder if we’ll ever get married. Almost all our friends keep asking when we will, but I don’t really see a point. We’re both happy like this. But who knows. Maybe someday we will.

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