So after looking at my views that past week or so I’ve noticed I haven’t been posting a lot lately. I don’t blame my low views on people not looking at my blog, but I blame myself for not posting or rather posting something interesting. Apologizes but when I have days off I usually don’t write, for some reason (I am not really sure why…). But I suppose the main reason is I am not getting really inspired right now. I don’t like to write about really big things like things in the news, (If someone wanted info on that kind of stuff why would they be reading my blog?) I like to write about stuff that people can relate to and not get stressed out about.

Now the question is what should I write about? TV shows? My cats (And sorry if I do write/post a lot about them…I am a crazy cat lady apparently…)? Music? I like that idea. I’ll just brush it off with some music. But seriously someone give me a topic!


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