Fifty Shades of Gray

So I have never read the books and I don’t plan on seeing the movie (at least not in theaters, that seems like a movie you should watch at home…) but there’s so much controversy all over about it I can’t help but write about it.
This is a picture I saw on Facebook about the movie.

I see the points this picture is trying to illustrate but there’s a few things I don’t agree with…So let’s break down what they think people are learning from the whole experience.
1. If you’re good looking, rich and successful, you can have whatever violent sexual appetite you want and people will be okay with it.
A. You don’t have to be good looking. (but it is a bonus) or rich or successful to have whatever kind of sexual appetite you desire. You just need to be comfortable with yourself and your partner(s).
2. Sex is completely for pleasure and all love/romance should be removed from the situation.
B. Sure sex can be all about pleasure. But let’s face it if your really enjoying it you’re going to get feelings for the other person (usually love but sometimes hate).
3. Girls: If you hang around long enough and put up with his violence, eventually he might love you and change.
C. Girls, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. If you’re in an actual violent relationship (and you’re not just kinky) don’t waste your time if you’re not happy. Especially if you’re in danger!
4. Guys: You can do whatever sexual violence to a girl and she’ll love it.
D. Guys, please just be considerate of your partner. If you want to try something communicate that! Don’t just do it.
5. If you put enough highly violent and explicit sexual material into a story, people will make it a best seller and it will even be turned into a big budget Hollywood movie.
And E. Sex sells. Plain and simple.
The main thing is just be responsible. If you know you like it rough, be safe. Safe words, proper restraints and for god sakes use a condom!


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